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Celebrate National BBQ Month with Grill Masters Club tips

Celebrate National BBQ Month with Grill Masters Club

May is National BBQ Month. Here at Grill Masters Club we are celebrating all types of BBQ cultures, traditions and styles in our summer Grill Masters Club box experiences. 

May is the start of “Grilling Season.” It’s the time of year our backyards are filled with family and friends and our grills are filled with delicious meats and meals to share. 

BBQ brings people together and celebrates community. It makes perfect sense for National BBQ Month to be in May!

We regularly feature products from BBQ regions all over the USA. We love to show our community new flavors and styles to broaden our subscribers' perspective on BBQ. These are the main regions and style of BBQ  we feature:

Texas BBQ

When you think of BBQ, you often think of Texas. Texas plays a major role in BBQ, from its legendary pitmasters paving the way, to its traditional methods. We love sourcing products and recipes from BBQ brands in Texas. Most of our Texas based seasonings will be strictly salt, pepper and sometimes garlic for beef, and rubs balanced with sweet and heat. We also love our Texas Spicy sauces! However there are 4 regions of Texas BBQ, so there is endless style and flavor.

The Carolinas & Virgina

From Western to Eastern, Southern and Low Country, there's a lot to be said about Carolina & Virginia BBQ! 

North Carolina BBQ is most known for its whole hog cooking, vinegar based sauces, and salt-seasoned proteins. You will find a difference in Eastern vs. Western Carolina recipes. South Carolina loves its mustard based sauce in the central-southern region, and in the north and west you'll find tomato based sauce. You’ll find shrimp and grits and seafood in the low-country. Virginia is all about pork and its rich tomato based sauce.


Welcome to the home of Alabama White Sauce. Alabama BBQ smoked chicken that’s peppery with a bite of lemon bathed in a white mayo based sauce is a taste no one can disagree with. They’re also known for classic pork sliced or chopped, served in a simple sandwich with some vinegar sauce, slaw and pickles. 

Kansas City

Kansas City BBQ is mostly known for its sweet and color rubs, thick and sweet sauce and fall-off-the-bone proteins. We love our sauce and rub brands from KC. They are incredibly versatile, ready to be used on multiple proteins and sides. There are endless ways to use all these in the kitchen and on the grill.


Memphis is known for mastering pork. From its paprika spiced dry rub to its vinegar mop sauce, Memphis specializes in tender and juicy pork proteins like ribs and pulled pork. 

In May, our “Hall of Flame” box features recipes and products from Kansas City and the Carolinas. Stay tuned for our June and July boxes that feature other awesome regions of BBQ. 

Stay tuned for more useful insights into BBQ culture, lots more BBQ education, and regular peeks behind the scenes at Grill Masters Club. 


Lead Pitmaster for Grill Masters Club