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Free US Shipping on all Subscriptions

Free US Shipping on all Subscriptions

$80+ Value in Each Box

$80+ Value in Each Box

Premium BBQ Products

Premium BBQ Products

Bonuses & Giveaways

Bonuses & Giveaways

Made in the USA

Made in the USA


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Grill Masters Club

We make backyard BBQ better.

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Big Savings

Get more bang for your buck with over $80 value packed in every monthly BBQ box. More tasty treats for less, with sauces, rubs, tools, and surprises galore.

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Award-Winning Products

Only the best make the cut. We taste-test dozens of products each month and select award-winning, 5-star sauces, rubs, and grilling gear.

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Flexibility & Convenience

You’re in control. Our subscription service has the flexibility to suit your lifestyle or preferences. Skip months or cancel anytime – zero commitments.

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Pitmaster Expertise

Our certified pitmasters hand-pick items based on quality, taste, and originality. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, it won’t make it into your box - guaranteed.

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Rated 4.9/5 By Thousands of BBQ Fans


Grill Masters Club is America’s #1 grilling & BBQ subscription box. Choose the delivery frequency that best fits your grilling needs.

Each month, our team of certified pitmasters curates a unique box of 5+ premium barbecue sauces, dry rubs, seasonings, condiments, grilling tools, and other grilling surprises.

  • Award-Winning Products
  • Small Batch Suppliers
  • Original Recipes
  • Pitmaster Pro Tips
  • Exclusive Discounts and Giveaways
  • Guaranteed Delicious

The Best in BBQ. Delivered to your door.

Subscribe today to discover new flavors and join our community BBQ-enthusiasts. Grillers of all skill levels are welcome!

Want more information on our subscription options? Check out our HOW IT WORKS page.

Want to check out one-time purchases instead? Head over to our PITMASTER SHOP to see our fully stocked store!

Want to GIVE THE GIFT OF BBQ? It’s easy with a subscription to Grill Masters Club!

Our program is “can’t miss” present for any holiday or occasion: Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, graduations, housewarming gifts, corporate gifts and more. Also, see our Gift
Notification Card page
with printable and emailable notifications available.

Each monthly box is a carefully curated collection of 5+ premium grilling and BBQ products, including barbecue saucesdry rubsmarinadesspicesBBQ tools and other grilling surprises we know you’ll love.

Our team takes the time to research, taste test, and vet every supplier and product we feature. If the product isn’t up to our standards, it simply won’t be in the box!

Remember to scan the QR code inside your box to unlock the full experience, including bonus recipes, grilling tips, video content, and exclusive deals and discounts from the suppliers.

Tip: See the current status of monthly shipments on our Box Status page.

Your first box ships within 72 hours. Subsequent boxes will ship on or around the 9th or 23rd of the following month, depending on when your first box ships. Subscription orders received from the 1st to 15th of each month get placed in the batch that ships on the 9th; subscription orders received from the 16th – 31st of each month get placed in the batch that ships on the 23rd.

Boxes arrive at their destination 3-8 days after the tracking number was generated. Please note that boxes ship from our fulfillment center in Texas.

Once your box has been packed and assigned a shipping label, you’ll be notified via email when it ships. This will include tracking information so you can monitor the status of your delivery.

The Ultimate BBQ Experience is a monthly subscription and subscriptions are set to automatically renew. However, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your account or by submitting a support request.

Depending on when your subscription was ordered, automatic renewals (recurring billing) occur on the 1st or 15th of the month after your subscription’s final box has shipped. This means your card will be charged on the 1st or 15th if your subscription is set to automatically renew.

Simply put, if you’re a month-to-month subscriber, you’ll be billed monthly. If you purchase a 3-month auto-renewing subscription, you’ll be billed every three months.

To change the automatic renewal settings for your subscription, log in to your account or submit a support request.

Here are examples of what you can expect:

Example #1: On July 3rd, you purchase a month-to-month subscription set to automatically renew. Your first box will ship within 72 hours; on August 1, the payment method saved in your account will be charged to automatically renew your monthly subscription so you can receive a box that will ship August 8.

Example #2: On November 16th, you purchase a 3-month subscription set to automatically renew. Your first box will ship within 72 hours; your second box will ship on December 23; your third box will ship on January 23. On February 15, your credit card will be re-billed for a 3-month subscription. The first box from your new subscription will ship February 23

Example #3:On May 9, you purchase a 6 month subscription set to automatically renew. Your first box will ship within 72 hours; your second box will ship on June 8; your remaining boxes will all ship on the 8th of each month. Your final box will ship October 8. On November 1, your credit card will be re-billed for a 6-month subscription. The first box from your new subscription will ship November 8.

You can change the renewal settings for your subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account or submit a support request.

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Rated 4.9/5 Based on Thousands of BBQ Fans

Inside Our Subscription Boxes

Each subscription box includes 5+ must-have BBQ products  – award-winning, small-batch sauces, dry rubs, marinades, binders, condiments, grilling accessories, plus 8 pitmaster-inspired recipes and grilling tips, and much more.

2+ BBQ Sauces

We also hand-select small-batch, award-winning BBQ sauces to include in our monthly boxes (typically two sauces per box!). Barbecue sauces are the gold standard for any smoked meat enthusiast, and can be magical if made with the right ingredients and used correctly.

Explore the different regions and styles of barbecue with our rotating sauces, and learn how to use them like a pro.

Learn more about The Ultimate BBQ Experience on our How It Works page.

2+ Dry Rubs

We hand-select small-batch, award-winning dry rubs and spice blends to include in our monthly boxes. A dry rub is the base for infusing flavor in your BBQ. It’s the most versatile additive grilling tool in your arsenal…so why always use the same one?

Discover spices and flavors from all over the world with our selection of hand-curated barbecue rubs, with at least one in every box (usually two). Sweet, spicy, tangy, smoky… we have it all covered.

Learn more about The Ultimate BBQ Experience on our How It Works page.

Grill Master's Choices

Grill Master’s Choices are the surprise items of the month included in our box. Our team of certified pitmasters may include a binder, a marinade, a cocktail mix, flavored wood chips, a useful BBQ accessory like meat claws, or an injector to infuse brine into your next brisket. Or they may include something so cutting edge you haven’t even heard of it yet.

As they say, “With great power comes great responsibility”, and this team certainly is up to the challenge.

Learn more about The Ultimate BBQ Experience on our How It Works page.

8+ Recipes & Exclusive Deals

Each box includes delicious and pitmaster-crafted recipes and pro tips so you can put your new BBQ products to work. Get ready for The Ultimate BBQ Experience™!

Since you’ll want to share your BBQ knowledge with friends and family, we provide the origins of these products and their truly unique stories. Learn from the grilling pros and share in their passion for great BBQ.

Learn more about The Ultimate BBQ Experience on our How It Works page.

Meet our certified Pitmasters

Be inspired to BBQ like a pro. Each themed box from Grill Masters Club is developed from scratch by our award-winning team of certified pitmasters.

See How these folks respond to the tasty treats inside our boxes.

Check Out the Reactions From Real People

GET STARTED IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS Convenient, Delicious and Inspiring BBQ Awaits!

1. Choose How Many

1. Choose How Many

Decide how many boxes you want to receive.

2. Choose How Often

2. Choose How Often

Select your delivery frequency: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

3. Enjoy the Ultimate BBQ Experience

3. Enjoy the Ultimate BBQ Experience

First box ships within 72 hours. Get ready for award-winning BBQ products and delicious original recipes to be delivered to your door!

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Rated 4.9/5 Based on Thousands of BBQ Fans

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Rated 4.9/5 Based on Thousands of BBQ Fans

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