The Meat Swadl - Meat Resting Device


The BEST and ONLY way to rest your meat! Ideal for resting briskets, pork butts and more!

Leave the coolers for your drinks and your towels for the showers! The Meat Swadl (Patent Pending technology) is extremely versatile and takes up very little space to store and rest your meats after smoking. Perfect for backyard or competition BBQ'ers!


The Meat Swadl's outer shell is a waterproof polyester, along with cotton-silk stuffing and an inner lining of polar fleece.

The Meat Swadl creates the perfect Swadl every time with help of the polar fleece. Even if the polar fleece becomes saturated, it still maintains its thermal properties to keep your rested meat or hot product at its optimal temperature!


Step 1: Loosely apply tinfoil to your smoked meat to contain juices (even if you have it wrapped in butcher's paper), then open the Velcro flap, unzip on both sides and place meat inside.

Step 2: Zip up both sides of The Meat Swadl to the edge of the meat or hot item and gently tuck remaining material under hot product

Step 3: Pull over Velcro flap and firmly pull and press down on vertical Velcro strips, Rest time and temperature are dependent on item, size and weight.


Ever since the start of smoking and grilling meat, the rest process has played a key role into the flavorful and juicy outcome! When meat is taken off the heat source, the juices are spread away from the center of the meat, which then in turn takes away from the flavor and heat when cut into right away. By using the resting technique, it creates more time for the meat to redistribute the juices back to the meat fibers.

After the rest process you will notice that juices, flavor and heat will be retained and spread amongst the entire piece of meat. Resting times are based on size, type of meat and finding out what works best for you!


When cleaning The Meat Swadl for best results: Hand wash in the sink with warm water; apply mild soap to soiled spots and leave out to air dry.


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