The Flip Professional Smoke Box by Camerons Products


About: Works on any grill, whether gas, pellet or charcoal to infuse intense delicious smoky flavor into your favorite foods with

The Flip Professional Smoke Box that turns any grill into a professional smoker ideal for both hot and cold smoking, featuring a patented stand design that only needs a fire starter, without even turning on the grill.

Comes with two firestarters!

How to Use:

  1. Place two to three charcoal briquettes inside the smoker box.
  2. Light a firestarter underneath the smoker box to light the charcoal.
  3. Once the charcoal is ashed over, fill the smoker box up with wood chips or small chunks
  4. Place on your grill to infuse added smoke flavor.
  5. Chips will last approximately an hour, after that, add additional charcoal (if needed) and more chips or chunks to extend smoking time!

Video Demonstration:

Vendor: Camerons Products (Colorado Springs, CO)