The ComboTong by GrillGrate


Meet the ComboTong by GrillGrate! It's 1/2 GrateTong, 1/2 Grate Spatula.

With the popularity of flat top grilling including the flip-side of GrillGrates this hybrid tong is great for handling food on griddles, flat-tops and planchas.

Perfect for handling tricky and delicate foods on your grill or flat top. The GRATE combination gives you confidence when lifting or flipping and works on both sides of the GrillGrate.


  • Specifically made for use with the GrillGrate Flavor Zone but works on any grill, griddle or flat top
  • Innovative new design
  • Part GrateTong, Part Spatula
  • Lift, don’t scrape!
  • Flip your food more confidently

US Shipping Cost: $9.99

Vendor: GrillGrate