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Pig gig, bbq subscription box monthly

Box Overview: Pig Gig

Box Overview: Pig Gig

Welcome to The Ultimate BBQ Experience: Pig Gig! The products, accessories and recipes in this box were hand-selected by our team of expert pitmasters.

SuckleBusters Original BBQ Sauce: The winningest BBQ sauce in Texas! SuckleBusters Original BBQ Sauce has won 8 major awards from Chile Pepper Magazine, Fiery Food Challenge, Scovie Awards and more. It’s an all-natural, vinegar-based BBQ sauce that’s sweet, tangy and spicy, with a very light smoke flavor and a little kick of heat.

Hickman’s Divine Swine Pork Rub: This punch of flavor is the ideal rub for all things pork! Just start the coals and throw that pork on the pit. Hickman’s pork rub will help you achieve just the right flavor to serve your guests some divine swine right in your own backyard.

Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ Shake Rub: Mrs. Griffin’s produces the oldest BBQ sauce in the South, and second oldest in the country, and this month we’re featuring their delicious BBQ shake! This blend is based on a formulation of their original 88 year old southern favorite sauce.

Underwood Ranches Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce: East meets West in this mustard-based BBQ sauce infused with Underwood Ranches Red Jalapenos. As farmers, Underwood’s first choice was not to become sauce makers, but much like when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade – when confronted with a Ranch full of chili peppers, they make hot sauce!

12” BBQ Mop Brush: This brush is ideal for prepping and mopping a variety of barbecued meats, buttered baked goods, and other basted or glazed foods! From the most experienced BBQ veterans to those just looking to break into the game, this 12" mop brush is guaranteed to be a useful addition to your BBQ and smoking arsenal.

Happy grilling,
The Grill Masters Club Team

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How to Clean Your BBQ Mop Brush

Vendor: Sucklebusters 

Size: 12 oz bottle 

IngredientsVinegar, water, brown sugar, tomato paste, pure cane sugar, natural smoke flavor, salt, spices, xanthan gum. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.

Try It On: Beef, briskets, steaks, ribs, chicken, sausage, pork, seafood, turkey or any grilled food! 

About: SuckleBusters Original is the winningest BBQ Sauce in Texas! SuckleBusters Original BBQ Sauce wins 8 Major Awards from: Chile Pepper Magazine, Fiery Food Challenge, Best of the Best BBQ Sauce Contest, Scovie Awards, National BBQ Associations BBQ Sauce Contest and 2 Years running - 1st Place at the American Royal - World Series of BBQ Sauce Contest.

Their all-natural, vinegar based BBQ sauce is sweet, tangy & spicy. It has very slightly smoke flavor plus a little kick of heat and is an excellent all-around BBQ sauce. Great for grilling! Use it on any grilled food to bust out a good barbecue flavor. Baste it on during the last few minutes of grilling to create a sticky-sweet layer of barbecue flavor or pour it on just before serving. It makes a great dipping sauce and kids love it too! Frankly, this is the best BBQ sauce made in Texas.

Featured Recipes: Recipes are available immediatey for Grill Masters Club subscribers. These recipes will be shared soon! 

About the VendorWhat is SuckleBuster?

suck-le (sukael) n. To take in as a sustenance or nourishment. bust-er (busater) n. One who breaks up something.

suck-el-bust-er adj. It means "Bustin' with Flavor!"

The first question everyone asks is, "What is a SuckleBuster?" It's a long story...

THE "Sucker-Buster" was born during the early '70's in the imagination of a 10 year old kid growing up in East Texas. One night upon returning from the East Texas State Fair (a revered annual event in my home town of Tyler) Dad asked, “Did you ride the "Sucker-Buster"? It was out back…but hey, they only let the BIG kids ride it”, he said with a huge grin. I had no idea what a Sucker-Buster was, or if my Dad was serious but I wanted to find out. I dreamed it was a big, crazy-spinning, wild ride that could scare you right out-of-your-pants. Had I missed the greatest fair ride of all time? I went back next year and checked out back just to make sure Dad was kidding. He was. But the name stuck around...

Over the years, I experimented with spices and would mix up a little extra seasoning and keep it in the cupboard. Whenever I needed to add a little extra flavor to something, I would use my secret spice recipe, now renamed "SuckleBusters". At some point we began using the name to describe how I cooked, "Man I 'Busted some great steaks last night!" Later, a friend invited us to cater his business grand opening. “What do you call yourself?” he asked. I blurted out, "SuckleBusters". The name stuck and the beginning of a company was born. Little did I know...

In the early 2000's we became more health conscious and searched for healthier foods. We noticed that all the seasoning we found had; MSG, artificial fillers, dyes, preservatives or ingredients with names you can't pronounce and this was in the healthy foods section! We decided then and there to produce high quality seasonings that taste great and are healthy too! So in 2006 SuckleBusters Inc. was born. 

SuckleBusters means Bustin' with Flavor. It's the WOW factor when you first taste our products. We use simple recipes with few ingredients to make the best products we can make, each and every time with the best All-Natural ingredients we can find. There are no chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients in our products. We focus on wholesome products with a keen eye on quality. One lesson we learned early on is that when you use the best ingredients - the products are better for you, they taste better too! Look for our No Bad Stuff! logo on every bottle.

SuckleBusters No Bad Stuff Guarantee: No MSG, No Artificial Preservatives and we only use All Natural ingredients. Our products contain no Gluten. We use the highest quality spices and ingredients we can find. Our bulk spice supplier has been in business for over 130 years and is recognized throughout the world for providing the highest quality products. "Bad Stuff" we DO NOT use in our products: Artificial ingredients, MSG, Bleached ingredients, products with genetically altered enzymes, hydrogenated oil, hydrolyzed oils, fillers, chemicals or products that require excessive amounts of processing. The list (unfortunately) is growing.

Bad Stuff

SuckleBusters philosophy is a proven winner! Much to our delight, our products immediately began winning contests and we have never looked back. We have been blessed with recognition from major contests all across the country; The American Royal BBQ Sauce Contest, Scovie Awards, the Fiery Food Challenge, the National BBQ Association, the Best of the Best BBQ Sauce Contest, The Great American BBQ Sauce Contest and the Hot Pepper Awards. Additionally, SuckleBusters products are used at BBQ Cook offs and Chile Contests every weekend across the country. Not only do these contestants win using our products, they test and develop new award winning recipes.

Try our award winning All-Natural Seasoning, Sauce and Such, we 'Betcha get Busted too!

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Vendor: Hickman's

Size: 4 oz. plastic shaker 

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, dehydrated onion & garlic, spices, citric acid, natural smoke flavor, extractive of paprika, and less than 2% soybean oil & silicon dioxide added to prevent caking.

Try It On: Pork! 

About: Just start the coals and throw that pork on the pit. Hickman’s matching rub and injectable marinade will help you get just the right flavor to serve your guests some divine swine right in your own back yard.

Featured Recipes: Recipes are available immediatey for Grill Masters Club subscribers. These recipes will be shared soon! 

About the Vendor: Hickman’s is BBQ made simple that will remind you of a simpler time. We have three rubs, one for beef, one for pork and one for chicken... and an injectable marinade to match each one. This product line can be used by the backyard grilling novice or the seasoned BBQ competitor. Our proprietary blends of these rubs and injectable marinades enhance the taste of your protein without overwhelming it. Keep it simple with Hickman’s.

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Grill Master's Choice: Mrs. Griffin's BBQ Shake Rubbbq shake rub, bbq rub, bbq spices

Vendor: Mrs. Griffin's BBQ (Macon, GA)

Size: 5.5 oz plastic shaker

IngredientsSpices Including Paprika and Turmeric, Sugar, Salt, Tomato Powder, Garlic, Sodium Diacetate, Silicon Dioxide (to Prevent Caking), Canola Oil.

Try It On: Everything! 

About: The original flavor of Mr. Griffin's Barbecue Sauce you love is now available in a spice dry rub using a mild blend of premium ingredients to produce a dry version of the sauce that can be applied to any meat you like, to bring out the best of meat flavor. Gluten free. Tastes great on everything! All the flavor of the southern favorite barbecue sauce now bottled as a rub! Enjoy Mrs. Griffin's barbecue rub on all your meats, veggies, shrimp cocktail, chilis and more.

Featured Recipes: Recipes are available immediately for Grill Masters Club subscribers. These recipes will be shared soon! 

About the Vendor: Mrs. Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce was founded by Mangham Edward Griffin, born in 1899. M.E. Griffin created a special BBQ sauce that he made for his family’s Fourth of July Picnic every year. Everybody loved his sauce and his brother suggested he bottle some and bring it to his grocery store. He brought 12 bottles and his brother sold them before Mr. Griffin could even get home.

Griffin started the family-run business in 1935 with the family making sauce in their kitchen. He called his special sauce Mrs.Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce in honor of his wife, Etta Busbee Griffin, and “because a woman’s name seemed to sell better than a man’s.” In 1949 he built a plant in downtown Macon. Business quickly expanded throughout Middle Georgia and sales increased. M.E. Griffin retired in 1965.

The Company, now owned by Roland Neel, continues to run “in the tradition set by Griffin 75 years ago.” The various ingredients of the sauce are mixed — not cooked — in a 60 gallon vat. The process, which takes 4 days, includes 12 steps to combining the ingredients. The sauce is then mixed between 3 and 4 hours before being ready for bottling. Unique because it is mustard-based, this sauce comes in three flavors: Original, Hickory Smoked, and Hot. The bottles come in several sizes: 12 ounces, 32 ounces, 64 ounces, and a gallon.

Mrs. Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce is sold to wholesalers, grocery stores, barbecue restaurants, and selected food service companies. Mrs. Griffin’s continues to grow and is Middle Georgia’s oldest and most popular local barbecue sauce. The sauce is now available nationwide and as private label.

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Vendor: Underwood Ranches (Camarillo, CA)

Size: 17 oz plastic squeeze bottle

Ingredients: Yellow mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, spices) vinegar, fresh red jalapeño peppers, honey, molasses, Worcestershire sauce (water, vinegar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), sugar, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, spices, citric acid, xanthan gum, mustard seed powder, natural flavors,), liquid salt (water, hickory smoke flavor, sugar, spices, garlic, water, xanthan gum. Contains wheat, and soybeans.

Try It On: Excellent on pulled pork, hot dogs, French fries, chicken strips and a great binder for any of your pork cuts paired with Trim Tabbs Pig Powder finished with our Spicy BBQ and you have a serious winning combo!!

About: This East-meets-West, South Carolina mustard-based BBQ sauce is infused with Underwood Ranches Red Jalapeños.

Featured Recipes: Recipes are available immediately for Grill Masters Club subscribers. These recipes will be shared soon! 

About the Vendor: For more than 50 years, Underwood Ranches has grown peppers from bells to jalapeños and is known for being the largest pepper grower in the United States. Our history and knowledge of peppers has allowed us to grow more than 2000 acres of red jalapeños on our ranches in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Kern Counties. Through yearly taste trials of more than 50 varieties of jalapeños per year, we are able to produce the best tasting, spiciest, and highest yielding pepper crop. That intensity of flavor and quality applies to all varieties that we grow including Anaheim and Poblano peppers.

Now we have expanded our horizons by turning our peppers into products! Our recipes are free from artificial preservatives, natural, uncomplicated, and made in the USA with peppers grown by Underwood Ranches in our fields in California, we truly are Seed to Sauce!!!


Long before Farm-to-Table, Underwood Ranches was delivering chili peppers within hours of harvest to maintain the flavor only a fresh picked crop can have. To achieve this, the Ranch developed a farming system that delivers chili peppers on a scale never-before-seen. In order to feed that production system, hundreds and possibly thousands of pepper varieties have been bred, trialed, and tasted to create the mixture of heat and taste that we have all come to love and crave. To make all of that possible under California’s rigorous food safety standards, our mechanical harvest of high-density chili peppers was developed to enable a “Made in the USA” sauce that is actually GROWN in the USA. You have our word that every bottle of our sauce is made with peppers grown by Underwood Ranches in California.


As farmers, our first choice was not to become sauce makers, but much like when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade – when confronted with a Ranch full of chili peppers, we made hot sauce. From the beginning we knew two things: First, we needed to give the world’s best chili peppers a voice and let the world taste the peppers we enjoy every summer. Second, the sauces we make should not be from a chemistry set, made to maximize profits. So, rather than loading our sauces up with chemical preservatives made in refineries, we developed recipes that take a little longer to make and left the short-cuts to others. From planting through bottling, all of us at Underwood Ranches strive to give you our very best. We hope you will try all of our products, and when you do, listen to the story our peppers have to tell.

SINCE 1867

Year in, year out for over 150 years, Underwood Ranches has planted its crops in the fertile soils of California. Over the years, many things have changed, but what remains the same is our commitment to deliver a product that we are proud to serve to our family, friends, and neighbors. Even though we grow over a dozen crops, we are most proud of our history and expertise in producing chili peppers. Through our sauces, we strive to give the peppers we grow a voice and let them tell our story for us. We hope you enjoy our products, and even though we can’t meet all of you, we still consider you our neighbor. We would be honored to hear your thoughts about our sauces and what you might like us to make for you.

Thanks for your support.

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A cotton BBQ brush mop is an essential tool for grilling! The cotton mop head allows you to accurately apply your special sauces onto whatever you have on the grill.

This cotton BBQ basting mop holds more of your sauces or marinades without the mess of a rubber or silicon basting mop. This allows you to apply your sauces with more precision and less waste. The 12" wooden handle puts enough space between you and the heat so that you are protected. This BBQ brush mop is reusable and easy to wash with soap and water.


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