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Grill Master Pro Tip: Maximize Meat Moisture tips videos

Grill Master Pro Tip: Maximize Meat Moisture

Pitmaster panel member Ricky Albright (@iron_fire_cooking on Instagram) shares a great tip to maximize meat moisture when you're barbecuing.

Bonus! It helps with clean-up after!

Tip - Maximize Your Meats Moisture.mp4 from Grill Masters Club on Vimeo.


  • Simply add an aluminum pan before the meat that you're smoking!
  • Use a ratio of 1:3 water to apple juice. (Or any other liquid.  You can use beer, apple cider vinegar or cola depending on the flavors you want to add) This will maximize moisture and humidity during your cook.  
  • You can also use a spray bottle filled with the same liquid, and spritz the meat when the surface starts to look dry.  (Use a food-safe spray bottle)
  • For even more moisture, you can baste/mop brush the same liquid or any other sauce or marinade during your cook to lock in more moisure to your meat!

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