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Top 5 Realtor Closing Gifts tips

Top 5 Realtor Closing / Housewarming Gift Ideas Under $50

If you are a real estate agent and are looking to add that final touch to your recent sale, we gathered a list of 5 realtor closing gifts for under $50 that will really put the wow in your customer's closing experience.

1. Custom Welcome DoormatRealtor Closing Gift Ideas - Custom Welcome Mat

We love this idea for custom doormats because you can say whatever it is you want. Have an inside joke you developed with your customer? Put it on the mat. Know if they have dogs or kids? Put it on the mat. It is a great way to show you care and you listen. This is one of our favorite realtor house warming gifts. 

2. Grill Masters Club SubscriptionGrill Masters Club

We absolutely adore this idea. There are so many upsides to this as a gift. Have a male buyer? Get this. Have a couple? Get this. House has a pool or grill? Get this. One of our favorite aspects of it is that it is a monthly subscription, meaning they receive a box of goodies every month. The reason that is so great is you will be on their mind every time they receive it. Even better if you are on their mind and they have a friend who needs a realtor, guess who is getting the call? :) 

3. Sweets Gift Pack

This is a solid realtor closing gift idea. A pack full of delicious sweets for them to snack on during their first nights in their new house. It isn't personal but it is sweet :) 

4. Coffee Maker or Gift Basket

Know they don't have a coffee maker? Nothing says good morning like a fresh cup of joe. If they already have one you can always get them a gift basket full of coffee goodies. Bringing them alert and delicious mornings for days to come. 

5. Gardening Set

It just makes sense right? I mean they have a new garden that they will for sure want to customize? Well, give them the tools to do it. Make sure they have a nice garden are in their home of course hehe. From vegetables to flowers, this gift will surely make their house more like their home. Getting your hands dirty can be fun.