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Texas BBQ Tour for National BBQ Month guide guides tips

Texas BBQ Tour for National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ Month and our Lead Pitmaster Rosalie headed to Texas in search of the best BBQ! Follow her on Instagram: @castironskillz

First Stop, Austin, TX - InterStellar BBQ

Above: Lead Pitmaster Rosalie enjoying a platter at InterStellar BBQ in Austin, TX

I’ve been traveling to Austin, Texas since 2017, and I can remember every tray of BBQ I’ve tried. The first time I visited Austin was the first time I tried brisket and I was hooked ever since. I went to the staples - Franklin BBQ, Terry Black’s, La Barbecue, and all of the main food truck parks. Then going back over the years, I would try to visit one or two and order a little bit of everything.

On this past visit, I had the opportunity to drive outside city limits and visit Interstellar BBQ in Cedar Park, TX.

Interstellar was everything and more. They nail the classics - Texas Brisket, Homemade Sausage, Mac & Cheese, Texas Spare Ribs, Beef Ribs, Pit Beans, Banana Pudding, you name it.

However, they have a very creative side too. They serve up unexpected flavors of sausage like Frito Pie Sausage, offer Peach Tea Pork Belly Burnt Ends, and deliver fun sides like Scalloped Potatoes, Jalapeno Slaw, Horchata Pudding, Creamed Corn and amazing homemade sauces. Overall it was an incredible experience.

The BBQ was amazing and it is now my favorite spot in the Austin area!

Next Stop, Waxahatchie, TX - Meat Church & Meat Therapy BBQ

Above: Lead Pitmaster Rosalie with Josh of Josh Hunt Griddlin’ (@joshhunt_griddlin) and Jason of Meat Therapy (@meat.therapy)

Above: Lead Pitmaster Rosie and Jason Wilson of Meat Therapy

While I was in Texas, I took a break from checking out the BBQ spots to throw down for the Meat Church Anniversary Party! I teamed up with my favorite GMC buddy, Jason of Meat Therapy and Josh of Josh Hunt Griddlin’ to throw down Beef Rib Tacos for over 500 people!

It was an incredible experience. After the event, we even cooked out and threw a backyard BBQ together with some friends. That’s what it’s all about!

Next Stop, Dallas, TX - Goldee’s BBQ

Above: Rosie enjoying a full BBQ platter at Goldee’s BBQ

Goldee’s BBQ was declared Texas Monthly’s #1 BBQ Spot in the entire state of Texas. It’s #1 for a reason. It is arguably the best BBQ I have ever had. From the Texas staples to the homemade sides, their main theme is DETAIL. There is so much detail in everything they do.

Their homemade bread is to die for, and their Pork Belly “Brisket” will live rent free in your head. My favorites are the Beef Ribs, Turkey, Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage, Sliced Brisket, Grits, Pork Belly, Potato Salad, Bread and Sauce.

They even offer their sauces to purchase in bottles, so maybe we can get some of these spots in GMC! If you plan on visiting, make sure to get in line around 8:30 am so that you don’t miss out on anything that will sell out!

When you’re waiting they don’t care if you bring some beers. Borrow a lawn chair from them and hang out while you wait. I always make a new friend every time I go.

Final Stop, Waco, TX - The New Terry Black’s

I love making new friends in BBQ!

Through Jason of Meat Therapy, I had the opportunity to befriend the head Pitmaster at Terry Black’s, Craig! The last time I was in Texas, Jason, Craig and I did a pop up at TX Whiskey and had a great time.

That’s what my pulled pork baked potato is inspired from! However, this time around, I had the chance to shoot down to Waco to visit the brand new Terry Black’s and get a full tour. Craig helped open up the new location, so he gave us a full rundown of all the smokers and what a week looks like for him. He even hooked us up with some amazing BBQ.

He walked us through their brisket routine, and even introduced us to the “Black Margarita.” The food was amazing. Their turkey, brisket, mac and cheese, creamed corn, and peach cobbler stood out the most for me!

Above: Briskets on the pit at Terry Black's

Above: Rosie with head Pitmaster at Terry Black’s, Craig

Above: The Black Margarita

Above: Rosie checking out the pits at Terry Black's

Overall, this was an amazing trip to Texas! Every time I go, I always feel so inspired and ready to kill it when I get home. I love trying the different styles of barbecue around the great state of Texas, and hunting for new products for our Grill Masters Club Boxes. Until next time!

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Happy grilling!

Rosalie, your Lead Pitmaster