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Pitmaster Pro Tips: Temperature Tips for Cooking Multiple Proteins at Once

I adjust proteins to cook together at the same temp, or adapt to quicker times for last minute cooks or for hassle free cooks. I always tell people that truly learning BBQ has a lot to do with adapting to your environment. 

For example, I recently posted a hot and fast rib cook while smoking wings simultaneously.

  • First things first, I did not separate my wings, or cut the tips. I kept them fully intact, so that no juices would run out of the cut parts of the wing. It’s also easier to flip with the tips on.Grilled protein, cooking temps for bbq
  • For the ribs, I went with a heavily marbled spare rib. Which means the fat protects the meat at a straight through higher temp cook.
  • For this cook in particular, I ran wings and ribs at 275°F and 350°F. The wings I cooked 25 minutes each side at 275°F, then finished them off about eight minutes each side at 375°F.
  • The ribs I cooked at 275°F, placing them on first, while I seasoned the wings. Then I kept them on for an additional one hour at 375°F after I took off the wings. 2.5 hours total for the ribs.
  • To shorten the cook on a pork butt, I would still smoke it low the first 1 to 2 hours to pick up the smoke, then up the temp to 325°F uncovered for 2.5 hours.

Bbq is way more flexible than you think!

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