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Holiday Meal Leftover Breakfast Ideas guide guides tips

Holiday Meal Leftover Breakfast Ideas

Author: Pitmaster Rosalie Pareja
IG: @castironskillz

Holiday Leftovers Make the Ultimate Breakfast!

One of my favorite parts about the holiday meals is all of the leftovers. I love taking leftover sides and proteins and giving them new life! My favorite type of food to turn leftovers into is breakfast.

Below, I’ll show you my favorite breakfast creations to make out of holiday meal staples.

Holiday Staples Turned into the Ultimate Breakfast

Leftover Prime Rib

Prime Rib is the ultimate leftover item. From “Steak and Eggs” to the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, you can’t go wrong with leftover Prime Rib. I love to make a spicy steak and eggs, where I fry eggs over jalapeño slices on my flattop, then crisp up a big slice of prime rib as well.

The two go together so well. I also love to layer the prime rib slices with horseradish sauce (try Torchbearer's or Terrapin Ridge Farm's, both available in our Pitmaster Shop), with thinly sliced onion, in between a toasted bagel.

Leftover Turkey

Turkey makes amazing breakfast sandwiches or salad for brunch. I like to pile up a croissant with turkey, fried egg, bacon and cheese for my family the next morning. You can also use it for a sub for chicken salad. Shred it, add a little BBQ sauce/rub, mayo, grapes, celery, green onion, parsley, and apple then serve it with lettuce on croissants or toasted bread of choice.

Leftover Ham

My go to ham recreations for breakfast are always Eggs Benedict or Breakfast Sandwiches. I like to make a bourbon hollandaise sauce (check out my instagram for that recipe), poach some eggs and serve them over thick slices of leftover smoked ham with a croissant or English muffin. I also love to use the leftover ham for Breakfast Sandwiches, Monte Cristos, or Croque Madames.

Leftover Potatoes and Vegetables

The Kitchen Sink Skillet Hash. I love to take leftover sweet potatoes, carrots, or any other chopped vegetable and crisp them back up in a skillet, add spinach (a leftover side like creamed spinach is great for this), stuffing, herbs and make little pockets for over easy eggs. This skillet hash is visually pleasing and delicious. A great vegetarian option. I like to cook in a big cast iron on my smoker at 325F. It takes about 25 minutes. It pairs great with cranberry sauce if you use sweet potatoes.

Leftover BBQ Proteins (like Brisket or Pulled Pork)

My favorite breakfast creation is Briskets & Gravy. It’s where you take the leftover brisket and use it as if you were making biscuits and gravy, replacing the ground sausage.

Basically, all you have to do is chop up the brisket, brown it in some butter in a cast iron skillet, then add a little flour, and pour in some cream. Season it with your favorite BBQ rub from Grill Masters Club. Add a mild cheese to make it even better or jalapeño for that extra kick. Serve it over biscuits and you’ve got yourself an awesome brunch.

For pulled pork, I love to make Breakfast Tacos or Skillet Hash. Heat the pulled pork back up on the smoker or in a skillet with a little bbq sauce, water, brother or apple juice to rehydrate it. Serve it with fried eggs and hash browns for or serve it with cheese, and scrambled eggs in tortillas. Delicious!

Check out more awesome leftover creations on our socials @grillmastersclubvip & @castironskillz

- Rosalie, your Lead Pitmaster

Rosalie, Lead Pitmaster