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Heritage Pork Bomb

Here is a recipe by an awesome Grill Masters Club Member!

The beginning. I took 2 pounds of heritage pork breakfast sausage and put it in a 1 gallon zip top bag and spread it out evenly inside the bag. Once even and square, I cut the sausage out of the bag. I then filled the center with onions, redpeppers, cheddar cheese, cooked heritage bacon, heritage Italian hot sausage links, and a bit of pulled pork from a shoulder that I smoked last week.

A close-up of the porky fillings.

Maple-smoked bacon from the heritage hogs at Otter Creek Heritage Farm in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Each piece is overlaid by 1/4″.

Snug as a pig in a blanket, because it is almost an entire pig in a blanket of pig.

The bomb and a spatch-cocked chicken in my humble electric jobber. I smoked it with hickory chips for about 3.5 hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Fresh out the frying pan into the fire, I’m the [pork] biz number one supplier.” And by frying pan I mean smoker, and by fire I mean cutting board.

Smokingly delicious cross-section.This tasted great but I think it could use a sauce of some sort. Maybe a sausage gra……vy? Sorry, my arteries clogged up for a second there.

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Bacon Explosion