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Box Overview: BBQ Paradise monthly overview

Box Overview: BBQ Paradise

Welcome to The Ultimate BBQ Experience: BBQ Paradise! The products, accessories and recipes in this box were hand-selected by our team of expert pitmasters.

Bully Sauce Red: Bully Sauce is not your normal BBQ sauce or marinade – it’s an authentic blend of all natural spice and seasonings. It starts with a golden mustard base, and finishes part smoky with a slight sweet after tone. This is a truly different flavor that you’ll enjoy! Best of all, it’s low in sugar, leaving no guilt on adding more to the plate!

Smoky Barbecue Rub by Rub with Love: Top quality thyme and coriander combined with smoked paprika, chilies and brown sugar make this a terrific all-purpose BBQ blend!

Oh My Garlic! Sauce by Torchbearer Sauces: Torchbearer’s BEST SELLER, and has been, since its first release in September 2011! Not only is this the best garlic aioli you’ll ever come across but it’s also vegan friendly and all natural. You’re going to use this in your mashed potatoes, stir fry veggies in it, throw it on any type of meat – either as a finishing sauce or a delicious marinade – and definitely top off your favorite wraps and burgers with it.

Smoked Chipotle Salt Grinder by African Dream Foods: This is the perfect blend of smoked African jalapeno peppers from small-scale South African farms, and natural sea salt harvested from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the African West Coast. The distinct natural smoke flavor comes from the red jalapeño peppers which are smoked for about 48 hours. Who doesn’t love the perfect balance of salty, smoky, and heat?

EarthStone Grill Cleaning Block: These environmentally-friendly, non-toxic grill cleaning blocks provide powerful, effective, and safe cleaning for BBQ grills, griddles, smokers, and other cooking surfaces, all while contributing to a healthy environment. It’s safe for use on all barbecue grill grates, including porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, steel, and chrome. Plus, they’re made in the USA!

Learn more about the companies and products featured in this box, get your exclusive deals and promo codes from the vendors, unlock bonus grilling tips, and find additional bonus recipes only available online at or scan the QR code throughout this booklet.

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Foil or Butcher Paper

Direct vs Indirect Heat

Vendor: Torchbearer Sauces

Size: 12 oz plastic

Ingredients: Garlic, Canola Oil, Lime Juice, Distilled White Vinegar, Dijon Mustard, Water, and Other All-Natural Spices

Try it On: Mashed potatoes, veggies, any protein, burgers & wraps

About: Oh My Garlic ™! Sauce is our BEST SELLER and has been since it’s first release in September 2011. You’ve taken a big step today towards eventual culinary perfection by taking the time to read this. Not only is this the best garlic aioli you’ll ever come across but it’s also vegan friendly and all natural. You’re going to use this in your mashed potatoes, your going to stir fry veggies in it, you’ll be throwing it on any type of meat either as a finishing sauce or a delicious marinade, and you’ll definitely be topping off your favorite wraps and burgers with it. You’re about to make a decision that will change your cooking forever. Good for you!

Don’t forget to try it with our Lazy Man’s Hummus recipe. All you need is Oh My Garlic ™ and a can of chickpeas!

Featured Recipes: 

About the Vendor: torchbearers, garlic sauce, bbq sauce TorchBearer Sauces was founded by Vid, Ben, and Tim, three guys in their 20s with a knack for creating tasty condiments, fiery hot sauces, and tasty recipes with them. Besides creating a range of table sauces and enough recipes to fill a book, TorchBearer has also been turning heads with the world’s first habanero cheesecake.

So how did TorchBearer start, you ask? Well, like many great inventions, the sauce itself started as a fluke. Vid and Ben just happened to have lots of extra habaneros in their gardens that they didn’t want to go to waste. As a result, they decided to create a habanero preserve. Little did they know that it ended up tasting better than anything on the market —so, naturally, they decided to share a good thing.

The three guys took a few days off work, drove from Pennyslvania to Texas—and back (over 72 hours!)—and picked up 666 pounds of habanero peppers. They spent two weeks of chopping, bagging, and freezing the peppers so they’d have enough for the upcoming winter. It wasn’t long before they were making all the sauces themselves, by hand.

Armed with temporary labels and their first full batch of sauce, it was now time to see if the world was ready. The guys went down to the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in Louisiana and won three national awards with their sauces. More awards started coming and it wasn’t long before the word started getting out. The End.

Okay, well not quite The End. The guys are still hitting the hot sauce festivals and coming up with new concoctions all the time. 

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Torchbearer Sauces




Special Offer: Use code GRILLMASTER for 20% off your order

Vendor: Loubier Gourmet

Size: 3.4 glass grinder

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Dehydrated Garlic, Spices.

Try it On: Chicken, beef, fish, pork & more

About: Gluten free. Vegan. Non GMO. All natural. No MSG. Sonoma Raceway official BBQ rubs. Award winning.0% of all sales benefit local foster children. Made in USA.

Featured Recipes: 

About the Vendorloubier, bbq rubs, best bbq rubsBoth Michael's parents passed from cancer in such a short amount of time. After doing so much research to try to save them, he discovered it was due to their environment or the food they ate. He then set out to make the best tasting products from all natural ingredients so people could enjoy them without risking their lives.

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Loubier Gourmet




Special Offer: Use code GRILLMASTER to save 25%

Grill Master's Choice- The Backyard - Better Burger Seasoningburger seasoning, better burger, burger rub

Vendor: PS Seasoning

Size: 3.4 oz glass grinder


Try it On: Burgers, steaks, Meatballs, Baked potatoes, beef cuts, roasted veggies, egg bakes

About: Has there ever been a truer statement? Once you try the backyard seasoning from PS Seasoning you'll never have a basic burger ever again!

Go ahead, mix it in your ground beef, season it on the grill or add a little before every bite, there's no wrong way to use this buttery blend.

Featured Recipes: 

About the Vendor: ps seasonings, bbq seasonings, bbq rubFounder Harold Hanni was born during the midst of the Great Depression in 1931. To stretch their resources during those times, the Hanni family relied on old world cheese and sausage making skills passed down from Harold's father. When Harold returned from serving in the Korean War, he had a renewed interest in the art of sausage making, which he passed down to his five sons. 

Harold’s passion for the craft inspired him to build a homemade smoker from an old chest freezer. On a cold Wisconsin day in 1976, Harold’s homemade chest freezer smoker caught fire and nearly burned the house down. This near disaster inspired Harold to design a safe way for the home sausage maker to smoke sausage. Harold’s pursuit of a safe smoker became a reality with the Model 100, thus forming Pro Smoker 'N Roaster.

Harold's son Ken and his wife Kate formalized the family’s love of sausage making in 1986 by officially incorporating PS Seasoning. Harold was the model for the company’s trademarked mascot. The cartoon icon of Lil' Harry became synonymous with old world flavor and craftsmanship.


PS Seasoning continues to carry on old-world flavors and traditions of the past, while also building on that knowledge to push the boundaries of flavor.  Our passion is not only great tasting food, but the moments that are made in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Today, our library has grown to over 3,000 seasoning blends with 30 million units of product made annually. Available to both wholesale and retail markets, our offerings are designed for sausage making, BBQ, culinary and more. 

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PS Seasoning



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Special Offer: Use code GRILLMASTERS to save 20% off seasonings and sauces

Vendor: Hi Mountain Seasonings

Size: 52g

Ingredients: Sugar, salt, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion, carrot, bell pepper), maltodextrin, sodium citrate, spices, guar gum, xantham gum, citric acid and natural mesquite smoke flavor.

Try it On: Any meat or vegetable!  Just mix with oil and vinegar.

About: Hi Mountain Finishing Sauces and Marinades transform ordinary meals into something special.  So easy to prepare- just add water, butter and heat- and your Finishing Sauce is ready.  For fantastic marinades, just mix with oil and vinegar.

Featured Recipes: 

About the Vendor:hi mountain seasoning, bbq seasoning

The story of Hi Mountain Seasonings begins in Riverton, Wyoming back in 1991 with the introduction of The Original Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kit.

Drawing on their family heritage as meat processors in the Wyoming frontier and inspired by the knowledge of seasonings and cooking techniques of mountain men, cowboys, pioneers and Native American Indians, Hi Mountain Seasonings has grown from that first jerky kit to an expansive product line of more than 200 products - all meticulously hand crafted and true to Western traditions.

This collection of 30 recipes celebrates 30 years of Hi Mountain Seasonings and showcases the versatility of Hi Mountain products. 

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Hi Mountain Seasonings



Special Offer:

Vendor: Sauce Goddess

Size: .5g bag

Ingredients: Black pepper, coriander, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, fennel, kosher salt, mustard seeds, thyme

Try it On:  Add it to cream cheese as a bagel topper. Mix it with mayonnaise as an aioli to have with roasted vegetables or on sandwiches. And, of course, it is a delectable option to use as a chip dip

About: THIS is everything you ever wanted in an onion dip. Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix is flavorful blend of fennel, thyme, coriander and onion brings a freshness to all of your dips and spreads. Fennel and Thyme Onion Dip & Spread Mix has no junk! No sugar! Fat Free! No additives or flavorings, No MSG, No GMOs, No anti-caking. Vegan friendly. Mild. No chile peppers. Makes 2-3 batches.

Featured Recipes: 

About the Vendor: sauce goddess, bbq marinades, bbq seasoningLet us tell you about Sauce Goddess. We LOVE  to show off. We love to show you that REAL FOOD ingredients can make really amazing meals. Try for yourself with our deliciously different sauces, spices and new dip and spread mixes.

If you want to have some real fun you can watch some of our older cooking videos on youtube. Get our the chips, one of our new dip mixes and prop your feet up and laugh (and maybe get an idea or two).

We LOVE to help you show off in the kitchen. Once you have our recipes, they’re sure to applaud when dinner is done.  We can help you make a great meals with REAL FOOD ingredients. Get out there and cook something!

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Sauce Goddess




Special Offer: Use code GRILLMASTERBBQ to save 20% off your first  order

Clean the toughest baked-on messes with ease! EarthStone environmentally-friendly grill cleaning blocks provide powerful, effective, and safe cleaning for BBQ grills, griddles, smokers, and other cooking surfaces, all while contributing to a healthy environment. It’s safe for use on all barbecue grill grates, including porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, steel, and chrome.

  • Non-toxic, chemical free cleaning
  • Works great on hot and cold surfaces
  • Conforms to the shape of the surface to clean between grill grates
  • Won’t clog like grill brushes or pads

Directions for Use

  1. Block can be used on dry or wet surface
  2. Apply gentle pressure when scrubbing
  3. Using a cloth or water, remove residue from cleaning surface

Note: Test Grill Cleaning Block on a small surface area to determine abrasive resistance.

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