Smoked Chipotle Salt Grinder by African Dream Foods (3.5 oz)


About: When what you need is more than just salt and heat, the Smoked Chipotle Salt from African Dream Foods is the MVP and will become your new pantry essential!

With a few twists, you have added some natural smoke flavor to any dish you are cooking. The distinct natural smoke flavor comes from the red jalapeño peppers which are smoked for about 48hrs. This salt packs a delicious punch of heat and smoke. Who doesn’t love the perfect balance of salty, smoky, and heat?

This Smoked Chipotle Salt is the perfect blend of smoked African jalapeno peppers from small-scale South African farms, and natural sea salt harvested from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the African West Coast.

Give this Smoked Chipotle Salt a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Size: (100 G/3.5 OZ)