Calico Jack Spice Rub by Blackbeard Spice Company (8.2 oz)


About: Jack Rackham was one of the most infamous pirates in Blackbeard's crew. He is known for his skill at the grill, being dangerous with a sword and perhaps a little too much rum...but most importantly, his rub!

It’s the perfect grilling spice for any kind of beef. This spice was particularly designed with steaks and burgers in mind.

With a savory blend of herbs, garlic and unique salts, this one will be a crowd pleaser.

Size: 8.2 oz plastic shaker 

Ingredients: Salt, black pepper, red pepper, rosemary, parsley & garlic

Amazing on: All cuts of beef but especially steaks & burgers, chicken, vegetables...just about EVERYTHING!

Vendor: Blackbeard Spice Company (Augusta, GA)