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June Grilling Tips - Smashburgers with Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day on the grill with June’s very special Grill Masters Club box !

Father’s Day is June 18, which is right around the corner. Looking for something to do with dad or get the father in your life this year? Get outside and grill with our June Grill Masters Club box! Check out our recipe for Smashburgers on the griddle or flattop and make it the most epic Father’s Day meal yet!

Grilling is for all ages. With the right supervision, tools, tips, products and recipes, you can have kids turned into pitmasters in no time. Here are some of my most helpful grilling tips for cooking with the kiddos!

smashburgers, smash burger recipe

  1. Prep the grilling and cooking space. Cooking with kids can get messy and chaotic. These moments are fun to embrace, as long as they are safe and having a good time. Prepping the cooking areas will declutter, and create organization for a smoother cooking experience. Take products out of packaging, organize the steps of the cook, separate ingredients and keep things that you don’t want your kids touching out of the way.
  2. Create a game plan. It’s always best to have a plan, especially when teaching and walking others through a cook.  Walk through the recipe yourself before prepping and cooking then walk through it a second time with the kiddos so that they have a goal and idea in mind.
  3. Be the leader, without taking over. I’ll admit, cooking with kids can be frustrating at times. However I understand that it’s my job to empower the kids to learn these new skills in the kitchen and on the grill. It’s important to use the right tone, wording and instruction. An easy way to educate is by example. I always instruct my ‘students’ on how to do the task, then walk them through an example. So that they see the process first, as well as have a reference. 
  4. Be flexible and have fun. Cooking with your little ones can turn into memories your family will carry throughout the years. What a great way to remember Father’s Day by having fun cooking with your kids. Don't sweat the small stuff, embrace the chaos and let them contribute their ideas!

We hope you have a delicious and fun Father’s Day this year!

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Grill Masters Club

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