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Grill Masters Club Goes Pro Ball with the Phillies! tips

Grill Masters Club Goes Pro Ball with the Phillies!

Author: Lead Pitmaster Rosalie Pareja
IG: @castironskillz

Our Lead Pitmaster Rosalie (@castironskillz) had the opportunity to cater for the starting players of the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball Team at their last Spring Training Game in her hometown of Clearwater, FL. She brought her favorite Grill Masters Club products out to share with the team!

The Grilling Setup and the Spread

Rosalie set up her Traeger Pellet Smokers to serve directly off of for the boys! How does she do this? Her grills all have a “keep warm” feature that she turns on to keep all of the food warm.

She keeps the grills open for serving, then closes them when no one is getting food from them. She loves to do this for many reasons, but she emphasizes how much easier it is to serve off of them then setting up a traditional catering spread, as well as that it prevents flies and looks so cool!

Last year the players loved her Picanha so much they requested it again! So she served Picanha Tacos, Wagyu Empanadas, Carnitas Tacos (with homemade tortillas), Maduros, Brisket Tallow Rice and Beans and Street Corn.

She also had a sauce bar that featured her favorite Grill Masters Club sauces! Everything was a hit and the players even took home to-go boxes. She reported that the players loved her Grill Masters Club boxes too!

A lot of the players love to grill, so they were impressed with the set up and hung around, asking questions and talking about all things grilling!

Check out these awesome photos from the event!