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Grill Masters Club - Gone Fishing! recipes tips

Grill Masters Club - Gone Fishing!

Our Lead Pitmaster Rosalie is a Florida Native out of Clearwater, FL. She’s been fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico her entire life.fresh fish, fish to table

She loves to catch and cook in season fish with her friends when not out working her grills. For her inshore fishing adventures, she loves to sight cast Snook and Redfish. She always releases the Snook. However, if she finds an in-regulation Redfish, she’ll keep it occasionally and cook it on the half shell with Grill Masters Club products.

One of her favorite things to catch and cook during the summer months is Mangrove Snapper. When inshore fishing, she prefers smaller snapper that's in regulation because it's easier to clean and cook on the spot.

fresh fish sandwich, fresh fresh recipes

She and her friends love making Fish Sandwiches on this little island in the intercoastal waters of Clearwater. Mangrove Snapper is a very mild white fish, similar to tilapia. Even if you're not catching and cooking like Rosalie, check out her Fish Sandwich Recipe using this month's Grill Masters Club products and give it a try!