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Video Message from Spencer @ Knotty Wood Barbecue Company

Video Message from Spencer @ Knotty Wood Barbecue Company

Did you know that Grill Masters Club delivers Knotty Wood's premium smoking pellets?

Plus, we offer FREE US SHIPPING on all Knotty Wood pellet orders!

We offer the best smoking pellets on the market, available as one-time purchases OR convenient subscriptions! Get your pellets delivered automatically every month, two months or three months!

Crafted for the grill master in all of us, get ready to experience the benefits of grilling with almond wood for yourself, with the FIRST and ONLY almond wood pellets available anywhere. Discover all that these incredible Almond Wood pellets can bring to your favorite backyard BBQ recipes.

And check out the 100% Pure Plum Wood BBQ pellets from the orchards in California’s Central Valley, which offer a rare opportunity to grill with a unique flavor that you cannot find in ANY other pellet. Plum Wood pellets give off a wonderful balance of plum sweetness coupled with a distinct smoke profile. These pellets burn hot and clean and Plum Wood is perfect for all meats!


Watch the message from Spencer @ Knotty Wood Barbecue Company below: