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The Top Grilling, Barbecue, & Smoking Podcasts of 2023

Updated 4.20.23

Grilling is the perfect tool to take your average meal and turn it into something truly delectable. But it’s not like you can just throw some meat and veggies on and expect a miracle -- the art of grilling requires knowledge, know-how and a little bit of elbow grease.If you're a grill master, we’ve done the hard work and identified some of the best grilling, barbecue and meat smoking podcasts out there.Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these grilling podcasts will help bring out your inner grill master and achieve the flavors and aromas that are sure to make your BBQ the talk of the block.


Tales from the Pits - Texas BBQ Podcast

Tales from the PitsTales from the Pits is one of the most loved BBQ podcasts out there.Texas is the capital of barbecue for its outstanding smoked meats and barbecue hot spots. No matter where you are, this podcast transports you to some of the most popular joints in the Lone Star state.Learn grilling, barbecue & smoking tips and tricks from the experts as hosts share their own expertise and that of their pitmaster guest stars. It’s the perfect blend of grilling, business, tradition, and storytelling.

LINKS: Where to find the Tales from the Pits podcast

Malcom Reed’s How to BBQ Right Podcast

Malcom Reed’s How to BBQ Right PodcastLess interested in BBQ legends and want more tips and tricks on getting your meat smoked to perfection?Malcom and Rachelle Reed have got you covered with their How to BBQ Right podcast.Each week they share with you their barbecue recipes and the techniques they use to grill and smoke meats just right.They’ve even started hosting their own BBQ contests if you want to get in on the action.If you’re looking for the latest roundup of all things barbecue, check out Malcolm's podcast.

LINKS: Where to find Malcom Reed’s How to BBQ Right podcast

The Pitmaster’s Podcast

The Pitmaster’s PodcastThe Pitmaster’s Podcast is the perfect intersection between competition and BBQ.Hosted by some seriously-experienced barbecue competitors, this grilling podcast gives you all the insight you could want into the world of competitive barbecue.Some of the greatest pitmasters across the country give you a look into how they prepare for competitions, run award-winning BBQ joints, and make their signature mouthwatering meats.With every listen, you’re bound to learn something new when it comes to your own smoked meat.

LINKS: Where to find The Pitmaster’s podcast

The BBQ Beat Podcast

The BBQ Beat PodcastJust dipping your tongs into the world of BBQ? BBQ Beat is the perfect podcast for all skill levels.Unlike other podcasts that focus on just interviewing BBQ legends, BBQ Beat gives you all of the inside secrets from new barbecue products, the best techniques to use, perfect recipes, and tips and tricks from the masters including those in the US and abroad.With nearly 100 episodes to choose from, and more being added regularly, you’re bound to learn something new that will take your barbecue game to the next level.

LINKS: Where to find the BBQ Beat podcast

Pit Life BBQ Podcast

Pit Life BBQIf you’ve ever tried grilling before, you know mastering the live flame isn’t easy. But, there are plenty of folks out there who have tamed the flame to become pitmasters.The Pit Life BBQ podcast uncovers the secrets of these barbecue pitmasters. Hosts Johnnie Mags & Greg "The BBQ Broker" DiGiorgi talk to some award-winning barbecue legends from across the country and across the pond to get their take on all things barbecue.Congrats to Pit Life BBQ on a heck of an achievement, having reached their 200th episode milestone on May 24, 2022:While it does tend to have more of a local flavor, there’s plenty to learn and the stories are pretty great too.

LINKS: Where to find the Pit Life BBQ podcast

Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast

Tailgate Guys BBQ PodcastThe secret to good barbecue is all about technique and understanding how meat transforms when exposed to a live flame.Each week, the Tailgate Guys talk with the hottest barbecue competitors, discuss the BBQ techniques that work and those that don't, and share prized recipes.It's clear Lyndal Scranton and Steve Koehler want to help their listeners up their barbecue game with their grilling podcast. Whether you're a summer griller or year-round barbecuer, this is a must-listen for all barbecue fans.

LINKS: Where to find the Tailgate Guys BBQ podcast

Grab’em in the Brisket - A Texas BBQ Podcast

Grab’em in the Brisket- A Texas BBQ PodcastBarbecue is more than just smoked meat and sauces. Real barbecue is about the entire experience.Grab’em in the Brisket is a barbecue podcast straight from Texas.It covers nearly every little aspect of barbeque life, from picking the right cuts to which beer to drink while you grill (super important)!But our favorite part of this podcast is definitely the barbecue fails. Grilling goes beyond meat and these guys have tried it all in the smoker and over live flames. With hilarious stories, they share with us what did and didn’t work (to save us the mess and embarrassment).It’s the perfect combination of experts, novices and fun for anyone who has an interest in barbecue and grilling.

LINKS: Where to find the Grab’em in the Brisket podcast

The Grill Coach Podcast

The Grill CoachGrilling can be serious business. If reaching the peak of your game in sports requires a coach, why wouldn't your BBQ game require the same?The Grill Coach podcast has come to the rescue, walking you through the world of grilling!It’s the perfect place for novices to experts as the team covers all things from the best ingredients to the perfect grill and everything in between.The Grill Coach has a little bit of everything: Go behind the scenes with barbecue experts throughout the country or get insight on the latest barbecue and grilling products. You’re sure to learn something new and find your mouth watering with each episode.

LINKS: Where to find The Grill Coach podcast

Baseball and BBQ

Baseball and BBQ PodcastTwo guys talking baseball and BBQ. Their two favorite subjects!

LINKS: Where to find the Baseball and BBQ podcast

The BBQ Central Show

The BBQ Central Show LogoThe BBQ Central Show is a weekly internet based show that airs live each Tuesday from 9pm-11pm EST from Cleveland, Ohio.Each show attempts to cover the big news items in the BBQ and Grilling industry in hopes of promoting the art and sport of barbecue.The show books unique, entertaining and helpful interviews with top names in the barbecue and grilling community.The BBQCS has extensive contacts in the competition barbecue arena and will interview the winners of big events, promote the big competitions and cover breaking news in all the major sanctioning bodies.Greg Rempe - BBQ Central

Host of The BBQ Central Show, Greg Rempe The show is fast paced, down to earth and has the interest of the listeners as its top priority. It is widely considered to be the longest running and BEST show of its kind on any type of medium.

Show Hot Buttons:
  • Weekly 2-hour interactive program focusing on all things related to the world of barbecuing, grilling and smoking
  • Great guests who know their stuff. BBQ people love to share
  • Credible and reliable information listeners can use right away
  • A high energy host who invites you to share the passion of live fire cooking with him

Listen LIVE on Tuesdays from 9-11PM EST:

LINKS: Where to find The BBQ Central Show


Whether you’re looking for something to fill the time on your commute or are actively seeking out some BBQ knowledge, there are countless grilling and meat-smoking podcasts out there.The eight we have listed are some of the best grilling podcasts out there, available on the most popular platforms. If you’re looking to up your BBQ game, be sure to check out these shows.Have any favorites we missed? Be sure to share them in the comments below or let us know on social media.

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