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Pork Belly Burnt Ends

In the world of barbecue, pork belly is considered a delicacy, and what could possibly be more satisfying than sweet, sticky tiny cubes of wonderful, fatty goodness?Pork Belly Burnt Ends are juicy bites of mouthwatering meat (the same kind used to make bacon) that are rubbed using Old Pit Dust by Red Dirt Rich BBQ, infused with smoky flavor, and tossed in a fabulous barbecue sauce.These irresistible bits of meat (the same kind used to make bacon) are topped with a fabulous barbecue sauce, making them irresistible. You may skewer them on toothpicks and eat them as an appetizer, or you can toss them into tacos or salads, place them on buns for pork belly sandwiches, or sprinkle them over nachos.

Pork Belly Burnt Ends feat. Old Pit Dust by Red Dirt Rich BBQ

In the BBQ world, pork belly is a delicacy and nothing could be better than sweet, sticky cubes of wonderful fatty bliss.

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Side Dish


  • Cooker
  • Favorite Lump Charcoal


  • 1 Whole Pork Belly ((8- 10 lbs.))
  • 1 Bottle Red Dirt Rich Old Pit Dust Rub
  • 8-12 oz. Sweet Sticky BBQ Sauce


  • Preheat your smoke to 200 F

  • Slice the pork belly into 1 ½ inch cubes

  • Generously spread the Old Pit Dust Rub over the pork belly cubes, rotating the cubes to ensure that all sides are equally coated.

  • Place the cubes into the smoker on racks or in an aluminum pan with holes in the bottom so it will drip for 2 hours, flipping once during that time.

  • After two hours, increase the heat in the smoker to 350 F for 10 minutes.

  • With the smoker still at 350 F, transfer the cubes to an aluminum pan, re-dust with the rub, add the BBQ sauce and cover with foil.

  • Cook covered for 10-15 minutes shaking a time or two to ensure sauce and rub are evenly spread.

  • Remove the pan from your smoker and let rest at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before serving.


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