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Pro Tip: Master the Pantry Staples of BBQ tips

Pro Tip: Master the Pantry Staples of BBQ

Author: Pitmaster Rosalie Pareja
IG: @castironskillz

Though there are so many different proteins, cultures of barbecue, flavor profiles, and ways to cook - barbecue is fundamentally fairly simple.

From sweet to heat, and tangy to savory - we make sure to introduce a wide variety of flavors in the delicious sauces and seasonings we include in each subscription box. Once you’ve collected these four basic flavor profiles, you’ve got yourself a nice set up for a barbecue pantry, then everything from there on is all fun!

BBQ Rub and Sauce Flavors You Need in Your Pantry

Salt & Pepper

A good salt and pepper rub covers a lot of bases. This can be your first step or your secret bark. Brisket, steaks, beef ribs, and more savory cuts need a good layer of salt and pepper. This helps break down that fat, and build a crust which maximizes flavor. Salt and pepper rubs can also have other ingredients like activated charcoal, onion, garlic, or herbs. We have put out a lot of really great salt and pepper rubs in our Grill Masters Club Boxes!


A lot of great barbecue comes from a sweet rub and sauce! Pulled pork, barbecue chicken, ribs, and more thrive off of a sweet flavor profile. We regularly feature sweet rubs and sauces in our GMC collection.


Even if you don’t typically like spicier foods, you can always tone it down with the sweet rub or sauce. Having a little kick to some ribs, spicy pulled pork for Carnitas tacos, buffalo chicken dip, and jalapeño poppers love a nice layer of heat. We over at GMC love to throw in a little heat from time to time.


It’s always good to have a citrus backed rub and a vinegar-based or mustard based sauce! A tangy rub will make the best chicken wings and fish. When we get into summer grilling we feature rubs and sauces with this flavor profile.

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Rosalie, your Lead Pitmaster