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Guide to Grilling Prime Rib

A prime rib on the grill can make for the most amazing treats for your taste buds. You can tell that a cut of meat is good if it has well marbled sides, as that gives the rib its flavor. Preparing a prime rib on the grill is one of the best cooking methods. It is also not that difficult to grill a prime rib, so even those with little experience should feel confident. 

Grilling Prime Rib- Use Good Seasoning prime beef, prime steak, great steak, order steak online

When grilling a prime rib, ensure that you use good quality seasonings. There are many seasonings that you can find that will work great, so you can research the details of each one. . It is important to pick a seasoning that you find pleases your pallet. It is also important to pick a seasoning that uses a coarse grind, because it can make a big difference for the prime rib. 

Grilling Prime Rib- Use Good Sauce

It also helps to use a good sauce for the prime rib. A good sauce when preparing the rib acts as a binder that gives the rib its flavor. Use the sauce on the prime rib by using your hands to rub the rib with the sauce. Alternativeyh, you can use butter, depending on the flavor profile you are going for. After you have applied the sauce, you can move on to a nice generous coat of seasoning on the prime rib. 

Grilling Prime Rib- Prep WorkHow to tie your prime rib, butchers twine

Prep work for grilling a prime rib is very easy. A simple dash of sauce and a good coating of your favorite rib can do the trick. Prime rib can be an awkward shape, so it is often necessary to tie up your prime rib with butcher's twine.  Once the prep work is done, you can move on to firing up the grill and getting it ready for the prime rib. 

Grilling Prime Rib- Preparing the Grill 

If you have a two burner grill, all you have to do is turn one burner on low, and then cook on the other side. By doing this,keep in mind that you have to flip the meat every 30 minutes so that it cooks evenly. 

Grilling Prime Rib- Temperature

When you are cooking with a gas grill, and want to add a little smoke flavor, you can create a smoke bomb. To do this, you need to lay down a piece of aluminum foil, and then add wood chips on top of this. You can then put this on top of the grill gate. This can help you add just a touch of wood flavor to your meat. 

The internal temperature that you need to look for when grilling a prime rib is around 300°F. As far as your grill temperature goes, you want to keep it as low as possible. You should monitor the grill temperature with a digital thermometer to make sure everything is precise. 

Grilling Prime Rib- Prime Rib Resultshow to cook a prime rib

After cooking for two and a half hours on low temperature, and flipping the prime rib every thirty minutes, you can start seeing the rib change color into a beautiful crusty golden brown. Most people who like prime ribs opt for a medium rare or even rare cook. 

If you want to make the prime rib medium to well done, you can cut the rib up and sear it on top of the grill like a regular steak. 

Prime rib is a great meal to have for a main course, but we all know that side dishes definitely help to compliment a meal.  There are some side dishes that are just made to go with a prime rib! 

Grilling Prime Rib- Taste Test 

Once you have prepared the prime rib on the grill, you can move on the best part- eating it. When you cut the prime rib, a perfect medium rare meat will show a nice shimmering red. If you grill a prime rib correctly, you can experience the moisture and smoke flavor infused within the mouth melting meat as you eat it. A creamy horseradish sauce or flavorful au jus or gravy will complement your prime rib perfectly! 

Grilling Prime Rib

Cooking a prime rib is very simple, and it is a dish that definitely pleases a crowd. Simply make sure that the choice of your cut is nicely marbled, and the sauce and seasoning is fresh and flavorful.  Then cook it low and slow until it reaches the temperature that you desire and dig in! Remember to take cooking time for your food into consideration so that you don’t wind up with hot side dishes and a cold protein, or vice versa.  Mapping out your meal and setting up a game plan will ensure that the meal is perfect and you get to enjoy it as well! 


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