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Tenderloin, prime rib, buthchers twine, holiday meals, tie your rib roast

Grilling Tip- How the Pros Use Butcher's Twine


Tools: Scissors, Butcher / Kitchen Twine (Included in our December Tis The Seasoning Box!)Butchers Twine, Prime Rib, How to tie a prime rib

  • Using 12-inch lengths of butcher twine, tie a loose knot around one end of the meat and pull until snug to make an anchor knot.
  • Pull a length of twine away from the anchor to create a large loop.
  • Loop it around the tenderloin pork chips or prime rib..
  • Space it about 1 ½ inches from the anchor knot and tie a second knot.
  • Pull more twine to create a third loop and secure it 1 ½ inches from the second knot.
  • Continue tying the roast crosswise at 1 1/2-inch intervals until the roast is evenly tied.



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