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bbq ribs, babyback ribs, slab or ribs tips

Grill Master Pro Tip: The Bend Test

How do you create the perfect slab of ribs?

The bend test for ribs, grilled ribs

Try the ‘Bend Test’ for ribs.

ribs bend test, bbq ribs, babyback ribs recipe
When you’re smoking up a slab, you’ll know they’re done cooking when they are flexible – but they don’t fall apart.

  • Hold your rack of ribs on one end with a pair of BBQ tongs.
  • The other end of the rack should bend downward, and you’ll see some cracks forming in the crust.
  • You will also notice that the meat is contracting on each bone. If all your ribs are fall off the bone, they are overdone. They could still be good, but they are overdone.
  • Cooking a lot of ribs? Use a rib rack to stand ribs on end, giving you more space on the smoker.

bbq ribs, babyback ribs, bend test