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The Ultimate BBQ Experience: The Bold and The Brave monthly

Box Overview: The Bold and The Brave - Products, Recipes & Deals

The Ultimate BBQ Experience: The Bold and The Brave

This box features bold flavors from suppliers that represent a cross section of the regions and types of barbecue: Bow Valley BBQ, Sauce Goddess Gourmet, Bear Mountain BBQ, Wilder Condiments and Blonde Beard’s Buffalo Sauce.

Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce from Bow Valley BBQ is a bold, Memphis-inspired barbecue sauce with notes of mango, fire-roasted peppers and molasses.

Our featured dry rub is Sweet Heat from Sauce Goddess Gourmet -- which brings a powerful punch of brown sugar, spices and garlic.

Bear Mountain BBQ's Smoke 'Ems Bold BBQ Wood Chips will provide the perfect touch of 100% wood smoke to ANY type of grill. Each packet provides 45 minutes of delicious, smoky flavor.

Wilder Condiments' Organic Horseradish Mustard is destined to be an unexpected component in your next great recipe! A must-have for any charcuterie board, and a perfect compliment to oysters.

Nothing goes together like beer & wings, and that’s what Blonde Beard's IPA Buffalo Sauce is all about! It's a hoppy, beer infused hot sauce that you're bound to enjoy.

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Featured BBQ Sauce: Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce

Bigfoot Bold BBQ

Vendor: Bow Valley BBQ (Canmore, Alberta Canada)

Size: 350ml (12 oz)

Ingredients: Sugars (blackstrap molasses, sugar, mango puree),  Water, Vinegar, Red bell peppers,
Tomato paste, Mustard, Sea salt, Chipotle peppers, Soybean oil, Dried onion, Garlic powder, Salt, Spices, Natural flavour, Xanthan gum,
Caramel, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Calcium disodium EDTA. Contains: Mustard.

Try it on: Chicken and Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Brisket, Burgers, Chili

About: Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce is a bold, Memphis-inspired BBQ Sauce with notes of mango, fire-roasted peppers and molasses.

A non-traditional base of both vinegar and mustard makes for a unique flavour profile that brings together chipotle and roasted bell peppers with candied tomatoes, hickory smoke and mango for a desired balance of sweet and heat. Enthusiastically created for the love of all pork products and anything grilled in mind.

AWARDS: 2018 International Flavour Awards

Oven-baked Pork Ribs feat. Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce

This barbecue pork rib recipe features Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce from Bow Valley BBQ. It starts in the oven and finishes on the grill!

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Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce Ribs Recipe

Blue Cheese Roast Beef Sliders feat. Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce

These delicious roast beef sliders are easy to make and feature Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce from Bow Valley BBQ.

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Bigfoot Bold BBQ Sauce Recipe
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About the Vendor: Bow Valley BBQ Inc.

Bow Valley BBQ is all about flavour and quality. Founder, Jamie Ayles, and Head of Product Development, Chris Dean, pride themselves on creating restaurant quality products. Their culinary backgrounds as executive chefs in the Bow Valley and abroad granted them the ability to create the exceptional flavours Bow Valley BBQ is internationally acclaimed for today.

"We have to love what we do and be huge fans of all food to find success in retail sauces and condiments, and we certainly do. There's nothing more fulfilling and motivating than seeing our products on the menu in restaurants or watching someone grab a bottle of our product off the shelf in the grocery store.” – Jamie Ayles

Bow Valley BBQ is dedicated to using REAL ingredients, keeping things simple and maintaining the highest standard of products. Mad love and respect for food and restaurant quality creation is what drives Bow Valley BBQ to stand out from the competition. The company pushes the limits while still maintaining familiarity, allowing for the expansion of recipes and elevation of food. Bow Valley BBQ is proud to encourage others to become creators in their kitchens, whether you're a microwave dinner connoisseur or master chef in training.

Read more:

Bow Valley BBQ Inc Logo
Bow Valley Sauce Bosses
Pictured above: Bow Valley's Chris Dean & Jamie Ayles

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Featured Dry Rub: Sweet Heat by Sauce Goddess

Sauce Goddess Sweet Heat Rub

Vendor: Sauce Goddess Gourmet LLC (San Diego, CA)

Size: 5.2 oz shaker

Ingredients: Organic brown sugar, salt, red pepper flakes, dehydrated onion and garlic, paprika, cayenne, and spices. No MSG.

Try it on: Ribs, Chicken, Steaks, Pulled Pork, Salmon, Shrimp, Grilled Lobster, Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Brownies (yes brownies)

About: Sweet Heat by Sauce Goddess is a delicious rub, adding mouthwatering flavor to your favorite beef, chicken, pork, seafood, lamb and other dishes!

Sweet Heat Spice brings a powerful punch of brown sugar, spices and garlic. This is not your ordinary BBQ rub. It is superb dusted on pretty much anything: ribs, steak, pork, fish, shrimp, tempeh, potatoes, and vegetables. This tempting blend is also versatile enough to use in place of red pepper flakes on your favorite dishes. Cook like a champion with this spice blend! We’re proud of this award-winning seasoning!

Sweet Heat Spice has no junk! Low sugar! Low sodium! Fat Free! No additives or flavorings, No MSG, No GMOs, No anti-caking. Vegan friendly. Medium to Spicy heat.

Sauce Goddess BBQ Sweet Heat Ribeye

The Sauce Goddess way to cook up rib eye steaks! This recipe uses our featured dry rub, BBQ Sweet Heat by Sauce Goddess.

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Roasted Sweet Potatoes feat. BBQ Sweet Heat by Sauce Goddess

This quick and easy sweet potato recipe calls for BBQ Sweet Heat Seasoning by Sauce Goddess, our featured dry rub.

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Sauce Goddess Sweet Heat Sweet Potatoes Recipe
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About the Vendor: Sauce Goddess Gourmet LLC

Sauce Goddess is based in San Diego CA. Beginning in 2001 with 2 flavors of smoke-free BBQ sauce, based on a family recipe from the founder's Dad, Keith.

Our obscenely delicious food products are anything but ordinary. The Sauce Goddess story started with a top-secret family recipe passed down from our founder Jennifer’s Dad, Keith, over 21 years ago. The love for that sauce grew as we shared our love for cooking with friends and beyond. And we’ve never looked back.

The story began with one recipe and continues growing to include a range of tasty and award-winning products. Using fresh, real, clean ingredients, we take flavors to new heights on more than two dozen sauces, spice rubs, dips, spreads, and snack foods.

No Junk. All Sauce Goddess products are made from the highest quality ingredients around. Vegan. Certified Gluten-Free. Non-GMO. You won’t find any additives or preservatives in our stock.

Only Real Ingredients. The flavors are so powerful because they come from the real stuff. Real food with real ingredients made by real folks. Because you deserve the best.

Award-Winning Flavors. Our competition track record speaks for itself. Thanks to our wide variety of tempting food products, you can experience the taste of victory however you’d like.

We are very proud of everything we put in our products and purposeful in everything we leave out. People want to recognize what’s in their food. We do too!

Sauce Goddess is a woman-owned business, and devoted community member. We partner with local and national organizations to help challenged adults with disabilities perform jobs that are specific to their special skill set. Everyone who cooks with our products contributes to the Sauce Goddess story.

Our flavors are so good, we say “if you don’t lick your fingers, someone else will!”

 Sauce Goddess Logo

Women Owned Business - Sauce Goddess

Certified Gluten Free

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Featured Grill Master's Choice: Bold BBQ Smoke 'Ems Wood Chips

Bear Mountain Smoke 'Ems Bold BBQ Wood Chips

Vendor: Bear Mountain BBQ (Louisville, CO)

Size: 6 oz

About: Adding up to 45 minutes of natural hardwood smoke, these small but mighty packets are ideal for life on the go. Use Smoke ‘Ems on your backyard gas grill, or while camping and tailgating, to add the perfect touch of 100% wood smoke to those delicious meals on the grill.

The easiest way to add wood smoke flavor to your backyard grilling. Our Bold BBQ Blend brings BIG flavor for the boldest of eats, on any grill. Smoky, earthy, and rich, this robust hardwood blend is crafted for a bold smoke profile with a bite. It’s one of our favorites for beef, pork and beer can chicken.

  • Use with all outdoor gas, charcoal or electric grills.
  • Up to 45 minutes of real wood smoke
  • Packet and packaging completely recyclable

Video: How to Use BBQ Smoke Ems™ Wood Chip Packets

Reverse Seared + Smoked Tri-Tip feat. Bold BBQ Smoke Ems™ by Bear Mountain BBQ

Tri-tip is a perfect cut of meat to reverse sear and lock in that juicy, smoky flavor with a high-temperature finish. Use Bold BBQ Smoke Ems™ by Bear Mountain BBQ to add the perfect amount of smoke flavor!

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Reverse Seared Tri Tip Recipe feat. old BBQ Smoke 'Ems

Mint & Basil Lime Cocktail with Smoked Ice feat. Bold BBQ Smoke Ems™ by Bear Mountain BBQ

Ever had a cocktail with SMOKED ICE?! Probably not, but it's time to kick up the flavor and cool down with this Smoked Mint & Basil Lime Cocktail using Bold BBQ Smoke Ems™ by Bear Mountain BBQ.

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Mint Basil Lime Cocktail Recipe

About the Vendor: Bear Mountain BBQ (Louisville, CO)

At Bear Mountain BBQ, we strive to serve up a smoking foundation that delivers infinite flavor possibilities for quality meals and good times with friends & family.


We believe that BBQ should taste delicious!

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest since 1990, we’ve spent the past 30 years crafting premium quality wood pellets for those that are passionate about BBQ.  But at Bear Mountain, we don’t just care deeply about the way our grilled food tastes; we also care a whole lot about the earth.  That’s how we decided to bring these two passions together.

We wanted to add rich, smoky flavor to food without using anything artificial.  So naturally (pun intended), we turned to wood pellets. We know wood smoke adds a depth of flavor you can’t get any other way — and is every grill master’s secret weapon. So, we experimented.  After combining lots of different choice hardwoods, we learned a thing or two and have crafted delicious flavors with the perfect wood blends.

Now, we’ve got a full range of grilling and smoking pellets that pair perfectly with a whole lot of incredible foods and boost flavor to crowd-pleasing levels.  Hickory that adds richness to steaks. Apple to bring out the sweetness in pork.  Cherry for taking chicken beyond delicious.  Alder for the perfect salmon. All using no fillers, no additives, zero binders  — just pure, all-hardwood for mouthwatering flavor. 

So now that you know our story, we invite you to try our BBQ pellets the next time you fire up your grill. We’re pretty sure you’ll experience an authentic BBQ taste you could never imagine (or find using anything else).  And get ready… friends and family will start to gather and good times will arise, guaranteed.

– Your fellow BBQ lovers at Bear Mountain BBQ



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Featured Bonus: Wilder Horseradish Mustard

Wilder Horseradish Mustard Product

Vendor: Wilder Condiments (Santa Cruz, CA)

Size: 6 oz

Ingredients: Organic Distilled Vinegar, Organic Mustard Seed, Organic Horseradish roots, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Spices, Organic Flavoring

Try it on: The unexpected essential to your next great dish. The perfect marinade for steak or a cedar roasted salmon, charcuterie board all star, and a great match for oysters!

About: Wasabi's cool aunt, horseradish (no really, they are in the same plant family!), lands on the tongue with a pulse of heat and then finishes off with an undercurrent of sweetness. Best enjoyed with a turkey sandwich and cold pilsner on the beach.

Featured Recipes

Mustard Braised Short Ribs feat. Wilder Horseradish Mustard

These mustard-braised short ribs are a guaranteed hit! This recipes calls for Wilder Horseradish Mustard, a Grill Masters Club featured product.

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Wilder Condiments Mustard Braised Short Rib Recipe

Spicy Mustard Dipping Sauce feat. Wilder Horseradish Mustard

This dipping sauce is extremely versatile and features Wilder Horseradish Mustard.

Check out this recipe

About the Vendor: Wilder Condiments

Wilder Condiments makes well crafted condiments for the modern pantry. Handmade in California, and grown from a farmers market stand, Wilder Condiments is chef created, Organic certified, Woman owned and operated, and innovating the condiments shelf through healthy ingredients that uplift recipes. Made in the spirit of long sunny days and big communal tables, we believe great-tasting, all natural food should be part of every meal.

Wilder Condiments Logo

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Featured Bonus: IPA Buffalo Sauce

IPA Buffalo Sauce 500px

Vendor: Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce

Ingredients: Upslope IPA , white vinegar, aged cayenne peppers, water, butter, garlic, salt, brown sugar, xanthan gum

Try it on: Wings, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, cauliflower wings, chicken thighs, bratwursts, beer butt chicken and pretzels, or as a dipping sauce.

Size: 8 oz

Made with Upslope's India Pale Ale, Blonde Beard's IPA Buffalo Sauce is like a wing and a beer in the same bite.

FLAVOR PROFILE: A delightful blend of hops and fruity cayenne pepper, rounded out with a buttery punch of heat. Also delicious on bratwursts, beer butt chicken and pretzels.


FLAVOR IS KING: Nothing goes together like beer & wings. That's what this hot & hoppy beer infused hot sauce is all about. Made with craft IPA, fresh garlic, real butter, & cayenne pepper.

THICK AND BUTTERY: Real buffalo wing sauce is made with real butter. It's what gives buffalo sauce it's rich flavor and wing-sticking thickness.

GREAT GIFT: Perfect for the hot sauce, beer or buffalo chicken fan. Give to the chefs in your life. Makes a unique addition to a man cave or hot sauce collection.

MORE THAN A WING SAUCE: It's delicious on more than just buffalo wings. Try it on chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, cauliflower wings, chicken thighs or as a dipping sauce.

Featured Recipes

Blonde Beard’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries

These are very customizable and great for a quick meal or snack, use what's in your fridge and the sauce you have on hand.

Check out this recipe
Blonde Beard’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries

Blonde Beard’s Buffalo Beer Cheese Dip

Check out this recipe
Buffalo Beer Cheese Dip 500px

Explore all of Blonde Beard's recipes here.

About the Vendor: Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce

Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce

We’re Adam and Cara Nelson, aka Mr. and Mrs. Blonde Beard. We're addicted to wings and have created the world’s first craft buffalo sauce that will make you smile and inspire you to cook, share, eat and be happy.

Our journey into the wing world began long ago under the starry humid skies of Atlanta, Georgia. We grew up in country kitchens full of fried chicken, buttered biscuits and hot sauce on everything. Football was either on the TV or being played outside and chicken wings were the star of the tailgate spread. Working at wing restaurants became second nature and so did our love for cooking wings at home.

While living in California after college, we started frying wings with an old turkey frier we had in the garage. Great wings need great sauce, so we started making our own sauce with ingredients found in our fridge. Much to our surprise, these little chicken wing parties turned into a journey of several years cooking and creating craft wings and sauces for friends and family from L.A. to Austin to Denver, Colorado

Our hobby has now turned into a business, fueled by our mission to inspire others to come together over a great meal. Join us on this epic journey to help fire up your inner chef and to make Blonde Beard's a joyful staple in every kitchen.

Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce

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