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Box Overview: Spice of Life

Welcome to The Ultimate BBQ Experience™ - Spice of Life, a limited edition box featuring world championship-winning pitmaster Heath Riles, Red Dirt Rich BBQ, Underwood Ranches, Lane's BBQ & Jaccard.

We hope the products and recipes we've put together below will serve as inspiration for your spread.

First up, Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Sauce is your featured BBQ sauce in our Spice of Life box. We teamed up with Heath to bring you his world championship-winning rib recipe from the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest! Find the winning recipe, video content, plus three more recipes and two pro tips from Heath below.

Your featured dry rub this month is a real knockout: Old Pit Dust Rub by Red Dirt Rich BBQ in Cairo, GA. Their motto says it all: "Only smoke the best BBQ." See a special video message from Red Dirt Rich BBQ Founder, Bob Bell, below.

The Grill Master's Choice item is Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce by Underwood Ranches. East meets West in this delicious barbecue sauce, with a South Carolina mustard-based sauce that's infused with Underwood Ranches Red Jalapenos (grown themselves!). Underwood Ranches grows their own produce in California, and turns their crops into a full line of delicious sauces -- truly crop-to-table.

We've also included Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt, a super convenient way to add some smoke flavor to your dishes without having to fire up the smoker. And since it's from Lane's BBQ in Bethlehem, GA, you know it's a quality product...we love Lane's!

Lastly, we've included Grill Bags by Jaccard, which are always extremely useful for any Grill Master. They're versatile, and ideal for year-round grilling, oven applications, tailgating, camping and more.

Happy grilling,
The team at Grill Masters Club

This box is in stock and available for purchase.  If you loved these products and just want more, or if you missed this box, this is your chance to grab these items! 

P.S. Remember to share pics / videos of your grilling endeavors and recipes with us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok using #GrillMastersClub. We really want to see how your dishes turn out!

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Video Introduction

Featured BBQ Sauce: Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Sauce

Like this sauce? Explore Heath's full line of rubs, sauces and more at - 15% off with promo code GMCLUB15


Vendor: Heath Riles BBQ (Olive Branch, MS)

Size: 16 oz

Try it on: Pork, ribs, beef, chicken, or add it to baked beans for the perfect recipe.

About: This award winning BBQ sauce was originally developed with the competition pit-master in mind. It took us over 10 years to develop and once you taste it you’ll see why.

It’s the perfect balance of brown sugar, ketchup, salt, pepper, garlic, and fruitiness. Mix it with our Tangy Vinegar BBQ Sauce for the perfect winning combination on the BBQ circuit!


Heath Riles BBQ World Champion Rib Recipe Insert

Heath Riles' World Championship-winning Rib Recipe from Memphis in May 2022

Get the exact recipe from Heath Riles 1st Place - Ribs World Championship at the Memphis in May 2022 World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.

Check out this recipe
Heath Riles Winning Rib Recipe

Heath Riles’ BBQ Beer Can Chicken

Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Sauce is the star of this tasty "BBQ Beer Can Chicken" dish.

Check out this recipe

Heath Riles’ Sweet & Spicy Spare Ribs

Cook ribs to an internal temperature of 190 degrees, wrap and let rest for an hour. Check internal temperature in several places if necessary.

Check out this recipe

More Recipes

See more recipes from champion pitmaster Heath Riles here, with new recipes uploaded weekly!

About the Vendor: Heath Riles BBQ (Olive Branch, MS)

Heath Riles Has Over 70+ Grand Championships and Multiple Perfect Score Category Awards in MBN & KCBS Under His Belt.

  • 4x Memphis BBQ Network Overall Team of the Year
  • 3x Memphis BBQ Network Whole Hog Team of the Year
  • 4x Memphis BBQ Network Pork Team of the Year
  • 6x Memphis BBQ Network Rib Team of the Year

Heath has been grilling since he was 18 years old when he participated on a competition BBQ team in Ashland, Mississippi. Since then, he’s established himself as an industry leading expert in both competition BBQ and grilling.

Over the years, Heath has been recognized by the Memphis BBQ Network, the Kansas City BBQ Society, and the Steak Cook-Off Association for mastering various cooking styles. While he was busy becoming a BBQ legend, he also managed to rack up 70+ championships, multiple perfect scores, and other outstanding awards in various competitions.

Over time, he has developed and perfected his own line of sauces, rubs, injections & marinades.

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Featured Dry Rub: Old Pit Dust by Red Dirt Rich BBQ

Click here to buy Old Pit Dust directly from Red Dirt Rich BBQ! Red Dirt Road

Vendor: Red Dirt Rich BBQ (Cairo, Ga)

Size: 5.5 oz

Try it on: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Wild Game and even Pizza & Vegetables...and most anything else you can BBQ!


With a little red dirt you too can produce BBQ like the pros!

Old Pit Dust Rub, fondly referred to as “Red Dirt” by those who have cooked with it over the years, evolved on our family farm in the red hills plantation belt of Southwest Georgia where good BBQ is a way of life.

Red Dirt is our original blend and contains only tried and tested, premium ingredients that are guaranteed to elevate your Pork, Chicken, Beef and most anything else you can BBQ to a whole new level.

Video message from Bob Bell, founder:

Red Dirt Rich BBQ Old Pit St. Louis Ribs

The Style of St. Louis Ribs are juicy and tender. They're fatty and flavorful, and grilling them is a breeze! The meat will slip off the bone and melt in your tongue if you use the appropriate spice and technique.

Check out this recipe

Puffed Up Red Dirt Pulled Pork

This delicious recipe features Red Dirt Rich BBQ's Old Pit Dust, the featured dry rub in our June 2022 BBQ subscription box, "The Spice of Life."

Check out this recipe
Red Dirt Rich

Pork Belly Burnt Ends feat. Old Pit Dust by Red Dirt Rich BBQ

In the BBQ world, pork belly is a delicacy and nothing could be better than sweet, sticky cubes of wonderful fatty bliss.

Check out this recipe


Find more BBQ recipes at

About the Vendor: Red Dirt Rich BBQ (Cairo, GA)

Red Dirt Rich BBQ is a BBQ Lifestyle brand that was established on our family farm outside of Cairo, Georgia, smack in the middle of the red hills plantation belt of SW Georgia. This area is known for its pristine pine plantations, rich agricultural heritage, country music and of course BBQ. Back in the day Red Dirt Rich was a term that described being land rich and cash poor. Today, in this part of the world being Red Dirt Rich is better than having a pocket full of cash, It means that you have a love for the outdoors and all that this beautiful country lifestyle has to offer. Our goal at Red Dirt Rich BBQ is to share our family recipes, cooking techniques and most of all our Red Dirt Rich Lifestyle and inspiration with the rest of world.

Ingleside Farms, Cairo Georgia the Home of Red Dirt Rich BBQ

Red DirtOn the farm back in the day BBQ was a cheap and easy way to feed the large numbers of workers. There were also special BBQ’s that came along with the harvesting seasons that were really looked forward to. Then as is now it was a prefect reason to get friends and family together to enjoy some great food and fun. The cook, as it was called back then was all fresh meat smoked over Old Southern Open Pits fired by woods like Pecan, Cherry, Oak and Hickory cut right from the land. Man I can smell it now! Well that is how the RDR lifestyle began and those BBQ’s were the foundation for our Rubs and BBQ Sauce. Our products have been tried and tested not only on the Old Open Pits at Ingleside Farms but on Wood Fired Pits on the beach in Islamorada, on Kettle Grills in NC, Big Green Eggs in FL, Tragers in MD, MA and DC, Reverse Stick Burners in GA, Barrel Cookers in MN, Smoking Boxes in RI, Gas Grills in ND and even in the household oven in NYC to just mention a few.

Our Flagship Product and foundation blend is Old Pit Dust Rub fondly referred to as “Red Dirt” by those who have cooked with it over the years. Red Dirt is our original blend and contains only tried and tested, premium ingredients that are guaranteed to elevate your Pork, Chicken, Beef and most anything else you can BBQ to a whole new level.

reddirtrichbbq logoWe hope y’all will become part of the Red Dirt Nation so you too can produce BBQ just like the old days.   

Keep your pits puffin and Only Smoke The Best BBQ.

Till your next cook please stay Red Dirt Inspired;

Bob Bell
Founder, Red Dirt Rich BBQ

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Featured Grill Master's Choice: Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce by Underwood Ranches

Need to restock? Click here to buy Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce by Underwood Ranches


Vendor: Underwood Ranches (Camarillo, CA)

Size: 17 oz

Ingredients: Yellow Mustard (distilled Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Paprika, Spices), Vinegar, Red Jalapeno Pepper, Brown Sugar, Honey, Molasses, Worcestershire Sauce (water, Vinegar, Soy Sauce Water, Wheat, Soybeans, Salt], Sugar, Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Spices, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Mustard Seed Powder, Natural Flavors), Salt, Liquid Smoke (water, Hickory Smoke Flavor), Sugar, Spices, Garlic, Water, Xanthan Gum.

Contains: wheat, soybeans

Try it on: Excellent on pulled pork, hot dogs, French fries, chicken strips and a great binder!

About: East meets West, South Carolina mustard based BBQ Sauce infused with Underwood Ranches Red Jalapenos. A great binder for any of your pork cuts paired with Trim Tabbs Pig Powder finished with our Spicy BBQ and you have a serious winning combo!

Carolina Smoked Turkey feat. Underwood Ranches Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

There is nothing more perfect than a turkey that has been smoked for the holidays!!

Check out this recipe

Apple Pie Stuffed Pork Tenderloin feat. Underwood Ranches Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

Pork, pork and apple pie!! Use your favorite apples for this recipe!

Check out this recipe

Find more recipes at

About the Vendor: Underwood Ranches (Camarillo, CA)



Long before Farm-to-Table, Underwood Ranches was delivering chili peppers within hours of harvest to maintain the flavor only a fresh picked crop can have. To achieve this, the Ranch developed a farming system that delivers chili peppers on a scale never-before-seen.  In order to feed that production system, hundreds and possibly thousands of pepper varieties have been bred, trialed, and tasted to create the mixture of heat and taste that we have all come to love and crave. To make all of that possible under California’s rigorous food safety standards, our mechanical harvest of high-density chili peppers was developed to enable a “Made in the USA” sauce that is actually GROWN in the USA. You have our word that every bottle of our sauce is made with peppers grown by Underwood Ranches in California.


As farmers, our first choice was not to become sauce makers, but much like when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade – when confronted with a Ranch full of chili peppers, we made hot sauce. From the beginning we knew two things: First, we needed to give the world’s best chili peppers a voice and let the world taste the peppers we enjoy every summer. Second, the sauces we make should not be from a chemistry set, made to maximize profits. So, rather than loading our sauces up with chemical preservatives made in refineries, we developed recipes that take a little longer to make and left the short-cuts to others. From planting through bottling, all of us at Underwood Ranches strive to give you our very best. We hope you will try all of our products, and when you do, listen to the story our peppers have to tell.

SINCE 1867

Year in, year out for over 150 years, Underwood Ranches has planted its crops in the fertile soils of California. Over the years, many things have changed, but what remains the same is our commitment to deliver a product that we are proud to serve to our family, friends, and neighbors. Even though we grow over a dozen crops, we are most proud of our history and expertise in producing chili peppers. Through our sauces, we strive to give the peppers we grow a voice and let them tell our story for us. We hope you enjoy our products, and even though we can’t meet all of you, we still consider you our neighbor. We would be honored to hear your thoughts about our sauces and what you might like us to make for you.

Thanks for your support.

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Featured Bonus: Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt

Restock your pantry and buy more Original Smoked Finishing Salt from

Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt

Vendor: Lane's BBQ (Bethlehem, GA)

Size: 6 oz tin

Ingredients: Smoked Salt

Try it on: Original - will embody the flavor profiles from the combination of woods used to smoke the salt. Earthy undertones of Apple, Cherry, and Maple.


Featured Recipes

Prime Rib with Horseradish Sauce feat. Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt

One of the nicest meals to have with family and friends on any occasion. Big prime rib pieces with a dash of horseradish cream sauce! Exceptionally tasty!

Check out this recipe

Cherry Pie Pork Chops feat. Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt

This sweet & savory take on pork chops is a great summer dish and calls for Lane's Smoked Salt from our June 2022 BBQ subscription box titled "The Spice of Life."

Check out this recipe
Cherry Pie Pork Chops feat. Lane's Original Smoked Finishing Salt

Find more BBQ recipes at

About the Vendor: Lane's BBQ (Bethlehem, GA)

Welcome to the table

Since 2013 we have had only one mission - To inspire others to gather around the dinner table and enjoy time with others. Whether your dinner table is in your home, outside by the grill, or standing with a plate at a BBQ competition we want you to love your food and the time you spend with friends and family. You may have heard people say "relationships are made one meal at a time," well we couldn’t agree more. So grab a plate, sit down, and pass brisket it’s time to eat.


We got our start back in 2013 selling bbq straight off our pit at a roadside produce stand.  Still in awe at all the support we have received since day 1.  After a couple years of catering, we launched our own line of seasonings and sauces.  Fast forward to today and we now have our products all over the US, Australia, Canada & the UK.


Our products - We create killer rubs, brines, and sauces using only clean ingredients. That means No preservatives, No msg, No gluten just goodness in a bottle.

For the locals - Regularly we offer drop in lunch and breakfast options to the locals of Barrow and Walton county. We love to host a few block parties a year to give back to the community and show off our new rubs and sauces. Grilling and cooking classes are available throughout the year, be sure to checkout our social pages for times. 

Read more: 

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Featured Bonus: Grill Bags by Jaccard

Buy Jaccard Grill / Oven Bags


Vendor: Jaccard Corporation (Rochester, NY)

Size: Medium - 3 bags/pack

About: Grill / Oven Bags are uncoated aluminum foil bags with a self-venting window that can be used on the grill or in the oven. Ideal for year-round grilling, oven applications, tailgating, camping and more. Offering a unique solution for healthy and convenient cooking and storage. 


  • Self-venting window constructed of FDA approved food grade polyester film is uniquely designed to maintain seal at low temperatures and vent excess steam during cooking.
  • Easily peel away window and serve directly from the bag.
  • Foods can be prepared in advanced, stored in the bag, placed in the fridge, cooler, or freezer and cooked only when you are ready to eat.
  • Ideal for a single dish or a complete meal such as fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and even dessert.
  • Innovative anti-leaking seal technology enhances strength of seams and prevents leaks.

Flounder & Asparagus in a Grill Bag feat. Jaccard Grill Bags

These Easy Flounder & Asparagus Packets give you both a protein and a veggie in one simple dish; just add some cooked rice (or riced cauliflower) on the side to fill out a complete meal.

Check out this recipe

Shrimp Boil in a Jaccard Grill Bag

Easy, make-ahead foil packets packed with shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. It’s a full meal with zero clean-up! The traditional shrimp boil is converted to an easy peasy foil packet dinner option.

Check out this recipe

About the Vendor: Jaccard Corporation

Jaccard Logo

Jaccard® Corporation is a leading provider of innovative and compelling products to the consumer retail, food service, and food processing markets based in Rochester, NY.

Mission Statement: Continuously delivering innovative and compelling solutions while providing superior customer service with integrity and commitment to building mutually beneficial relationships.

In 1962 Jaccard Corporation began in Buffalo, New York. Priding itself on innovative and compelling products to the consumer retail, food service and food processing markets. Jaccard Corporation founder, Swiss Master Butcher and industry icon, Andre Jaccard, knew that creating compelling and useful products that people wanted was the key to running a successful business.

Today, now located in Rochester, New York, Jaccard still operates by these same principles. We are busy refining existing products and developing new ones with the same desire to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their everyday needs. 

We want your feedback!

We greatly value our member feedback! We're building this club with you, the member, in mind at every turn.

Please email us at with comments, wishlist items, opinions, suggestions and your general thoughts about this box! 

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