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How to separate the fat from gravy, Thanksgiving Tips

Grilling Tips - No Separator? How to Separate the Fat From Gravy

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Whether it is for turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas, a roasted chicken or a crock pot beef roast for Sunday supper, there is nothing better than homemade gravy from the drippings or the au jus.

The problem is that many of us do not own a fat separator and if we do because it is used so infrequently when we need it, the fat separator can never be found in the kitchen or wherever that last place we used it.

This concept is amazingly simple and follows the same principles that are used in a fat separator. All you need is a Ziploc bag, a pair of scissors, and two measuring cups or bowls.

  • Strain the drippings/broth from any remaining solids in the pan or pot into the large measuring cup with a spout

How to separate Fat from gravy, thanksgiving tips

  • Pour the entire contents into a Ziploc bag and allow the fat to separate (rise to the surface).

How to separate Fat from gravy, thanksgiving tips

  • Seal the Ziploc bag and over the same large measuring cup hold the bag so that one of the corners is facing down.

Thanksgiving Tips, How to separate fat from gravy

  • With a pair of scissors, make a small cut at the corner. The broth will flow through the cut made into the bag and into the large measuring cup.
  • Once the majority of the broth has poured from the bag, pinch the opening in the Ziploc bag and then place the bag over the second measuring cup.
  • Remove your fingers from the opening in the bag and allow the remaining fat to pour into the second measuring cup.

Thanksgiving Tips, Gravy Tips, How to separate fat from gravy

You have now successfully separated the fat from the broth without looking for that fat separator you spend hours looking for. Now, you are ready to make your homemade gravy.

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