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short rib sandwich, bbq sandwich

Best Ever BBQ Short Rib Sandwich

Ricky Albright - IG @iron_fire_cooking

Get excited – you’re about to embark on a flavor explosion. This incredible BBQ short rib sandwich is bursting with goodness – smoked short rib topped with coleslaw, pickles, feta, BBQ sauce, all on a toasted brioche bun.

short ribs, short rib sandwich, bbq sandwich
  1.  Trim the fat and silver skin off your short ribs.
  2. Grab some African Dream Safari Peri Peri sauce as a binder, and season all sides with your favorite rub. Today we’re using Uncle Bubby's cow rub.
  3. Cook at 275°F.
  4. When the internal temperature reaches 195°F, glaze them with Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Sauce and let it tack up for another 45 minutes.
  5. Pull or shred the short rib meat and place on a toasted and buttered brioche bun with coleslaw, pickles, feta cheese and more BBQ sauce.
  6. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!


 short rib sandwich, bbq sandwich