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11 EPIC Christmas Gifts to Give Your Fellow Grill Lover tips

11 EPIC Christmas Gifts to Give Your Fellow Grill Lover

Even though the year is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about grilling. Sure, it may be getting colder and snowier soon, but now is the perfect time to contemplate next year’s batch of barbecues and outdoor cookouts. Part of the reason that this is the best time of year is that now you can legally ask for grilling gifts without it seeming desperate or greedy. After all, the holiday season is all about the time for giving, so why not direct your would-be gift senders to a batch of grill-worthy accessories?With that in mind, we’ve scoured the entire internet (really) to find the best, coolest and most unique grill gifts that you will love, adore and cherish. We would say that you could buy these for the grillmaster in your life, but, let’s be honest, no one is more serious about grilling than you, right?So, without further ado, let’s look at the top grill gifts to give (and get) this Christmas.  Other lists only go to ten, but ours goes to eleven.



S'mores Roasting Rack
$16.99 BBQ GuysFor some people, grilling s’mores is something that can only be done at a campfire and nowhere else. However, if you’re one to buck tradition and realize that s’mores are delicious and acceptable no matter where you are, then you may want to get this awesome rack.This way, you won’t have to worry about dropping your marshmallow into the flames, and you can get the perfect ratio of melt to your chocolate so that each one of your s’mores is a masterpiece.The tasty treats will be so good that you want to buy, you know, some additional racks.


Cookina Reusable Grilling Sheets$14.99 Home DepotYou know what’s bad about grilling? Besides nothing, that is? If there is one negative to the art of open flame cooking is that you risk losing parts of your meal to the all-consuming fire. Because there are open slats on the grill, bits and pieces invariably fall through. This also means that you cannot cook certain foods on the barbecue, lest they collapse onto your charcoal briquettes and render your entire cooking strategy moot. Thankfully, there is a solution.Cookina grilling mats give you a flat surface on which to cook whatever you want, whether it’s a batch of vegetables (greens are good, in moderation) or some chopped meat, you can grill away without ever losing a piece to the fire. Sure, you will still have to make a sacrifice to the grill gods, but at least this way it’s on your terms. Best of all, these mats are reusable, meaning that cleaning up your grill is so much easier.


Heat Shield BBQ Tool Set$29.99 Sharper Image Do you like to have the heat cranked up on your grill? Are you only satisfied if the orange and red flames kiss your food by rising up through the metal slats? If so, then you probably have experienced the harsh reality of trying to turn your well-cooked meat, only to have your hand burn in the process. Even if you’ve been grilling for ages, your hands probably haven’t solidified into a solid callous, which means that you have to protect your skin somehow.Thankfully, the Heat Shield barbecue tool set is the perfect addition to your arsenal of tools, assuming that you want to keep your skin intact and you want to look like you’re holding a pirate sword while you’re cooking. It’s a win-win situation! Included in this set are a fork, tongs and a spatula, which is you need to conquer the fire.


Metal Grill Charms$19.95 (for six) AmazonDo you ever watch Shark Tank? If so, then you probably have wondered if you could get on the show, and whether or not your grill invention will become the next multimillion-dollar idea.If you’re like Leslie Haywood, then that dream became a reality when the “sharks” bought her invention: the metal grill charms. The idea is as simple as it is effective. By using a metal pin, you can keep track of everyone’s meat and make sure that whoever wants well-done has a clearly marked steak while those who like it rare don’t have to worry about their meats mixing. These charms are best used for parties and group settings, but feel free to play with them during your regular barbecue season.


Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer$49.95 Hammacher SchlemmerLet’s face it: tenderizing meat is a lost art. Only serious grill aficionados still do it because the results are so much better than if you didn’t. It’s kind of weird to think about because tenderizing meat is a fantastic way to release any tension without creating a bizarre atmosphere around you. No one will worry that you have anger problems if you take it out on meat, so feel free to go to town. If you want to get the most out of your tenderizing, however, then you will need this marinade-infusing meat tenderizer. Not only will you wind up with softer, more succulent meat, but you can also inject all manner of marinades and sauces inside to enhance the flavor profile of your next dish.It’s the best of both worlds, really.


Briefcase BBQ$59.99 Box LunchIf you’re the type of person who laments the fact that you cannot grill anywhere at any time, then you are in luck my friend. Inventors the world over have seen your plight and they have made it their mission to provide you with a portable, effective method to get your grill on, no matter where you are. Thus, the briefcase barbecue was born. While it is smaller than a traditional briefcase, we can all agree that the contents are much more valuable, and that’s including a case full of benjamins. After all, you can’t put a price on convenience, can you? The only thing you have to keep in mind is that this device is meant for one person, as it does have a limited grilling area. However, if you get that itch and you just have to flambe something, this will have your back. Be sure to keep one in your car for emergency grilling situations, too.


Grill Cleaning Robot$119.95 Hammacher SchlemmerIn the television show “The Jetsons,” most of humanity is out of work because robots do practically everything. They clean, they walk our dogs, and they monitor our home’s various systems so that we don’t ever have to mess with the thermostat. While this is a great piece of fantasy, wouldn’t it be great if we had such robots today?Well, you can stop wishing and, instead, feast your eyes on the grill cleaning robot. Why spend hours of your precious time scrubbing and scraping your grill when you can just outsource the job to a sentient (probably) machine? This robot will handle all the dirty work so that you can barbecue with impunity. The future is here, people, and it looks magnificent.


Himalayan Salt Plate$34.95 Williams-SonomaHigh in the desolate peaks of the Himalayas there are mines that rival the ones created by King Solomon himself. However, instead of producing piles of precious diamonds, these mines offer up other treasures that are almost as valuable: salt bricks. If you’ve never experienced the pure joy of Himalayan salt, then you cannot say you truly lived. Tasting meat that has been salted this way is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and once you experience the difference you will see why. To make things easier, get this salt plate so that you can rest your freshly cooked meat on top, thereby melting and infusing it with the salt. This means you can get the flavor you want without overdoing it, and the plate will last for years before you have to get another one.


Quesadilla Grill Basket$9.99 BBQGuys.comGrilling is great and all, but sometimes you just want something that is not exactly feasible on such a device. For example, quesadillas are a wonderful food group, but making them on the grill is not something that we advise unless you like a droopy quesadilla that could potentially slip through the grating and into the fire. Fortunately, thanks modern technology advancing so rapidly, we now have a high-tech solution. This quesadilla grill basket allows you to make a perfect Mexican cheese dish every time by containing all of the ingredients in a portable and reusable basket. With this and the Cookina grill sheets, you will never have to use a stove again.


Stuff-A-Burger Press$16.95 Sur La TableYou know what’s great? Burgers are great. These juicy, meaty concoctions are as American as freedom and apple pie.As a result, we eat more burgers than any other country in the world (probably). Do you know what’s even better than a regular hamburger? One that has been stuffed with cheese and bits of bacon. With the Stuff-a-Burger press, you can make that dream a reality by forming burger patties that have a hole in the center. You are limited only by your imagination as to what you can put inside, from cheese to bacon to anything else you can think of (although cheese and bacon cover most of it). Best of all, the grill basket keeps your delectables intact so you don’t have to worry about them exploding and crumbling down into the fire.


Grill Sergeant Apron$19.99 Vat19.comAre you a master of the grill? Do you wish that you had an apron that was, not only functional as a splatter guard, but could be your version of Batman’s utility belt? Well, your weirdly specific vision is now a reality with the Grill Sergeant apron. Never again will you have to fumble around to find anything.Now everything can be consolidated into one brilliant product. You have pockets for seasonings, sauce bottles and utensils. You even have six-pack bandolier that is designed solely for beers. In fact, if you try to put soda cans inside they will only fall out.It has to be beer, we promise. Best of all, this apron is fully adjustable and machine washable, and it has a bitchin camo design so that you can not only be the king of the grill, but you can be its commanding officer.image06

Grill Masters ClubAs low as $24.99 per monthThe Grill Masters Club is a great way to give many gifts to your grill master at once.Every month you receive a new assembly of taste tested grilling sauces and rubs. This gift is for the ultimate griller that is always looking to change up their meal and test their grilling abilities!See what you could be grilling this month and reserve your box today.