"Sweet Carolina" BBQ Sauce & Dry Rub Preview Pack


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Hand-curated by our team of pitmasters, this pack contains two full-sized products plus two recipes and grilling pro tips that are fit for any Grill Master and guaranteed to elevate your grilling game!

What's included:

  1. Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue™ BBQ Sauce (12 oz plastic)
  2. Original XXX-Garlic Seasoning Rub by Miners Mix (6 oz)
  3. Recipe card with two pitmaster-created recipes and two grilling pro tips for using the products in the box
Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue™ BBQ Sauce:

About: Get ready to crank up the flavor with Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue Sauce! We took our award-winning BBQ sauce and added the berry best ingredient - fresh cranberries! This sauce is so versatile, it pairs with almost anything - from turkey burgers to a full roasted turkey, and even wild game like pheasant, duck, and goose.

It's like a flavor explosion in your mouth, with the fruity tartness of the cranberries and the brown sugar sweetness of our BBQ sauce working together in perfect harmony. Trust us, you won't find a Cranberry Barbecue Sauce quite like it anywhere. Don't believe us? Give it a try and get ready to sauce like a boss!

Other suggested uses:

  • Pour over cream cheese and use it as a dip for crackers.
  • Excellent on turkey burgers.
  • Fantastic sauce for basting a turkey while roasting.
  • Amazing sauce for wildfowl. Great on duck, pheasant, goose, quail, and other game birds.

The sweet and tart notes in this sauce are what has garnered it multiple awards, including 1st Place Fruit BBQ Sauce from the National Barbecue & Grilling Association Awards of Excellence.

Size: 12 oz plastic bottle

Amazing on: So versatile, it pairs with almost anything - from turkey burgers to a full roasted turkey, and even wild game like pheasant, duck & goose!

Ingredients: Natural Tomato Concentrate (tomato, sugar, vinegar, spice, onion), sugar, cranberries, cranberry juice, vinegar, natural flavor, dried garlic, salt, spices.

Original XXX-Garlic Seasoning Rub by Miners Mix (6 oz):

Watch a video review from Pitmaster Josh Hunt:

About: Original XXX-Garlic Seasoning Rub by Miners Mix is NOT your grandmother’s plain ol’ garlic salt. XXX-Garlic is the perfect low salt balanced blend of herbs, spices and garlic…Lots of garlic, powdered, granulated and minced (XXX)!'

The blend is a personal favorite and definitely is not harsh as garlic can often be. It takes any protein, seafood, or vegetable to a whole new addictive level.

Everything benefits from garlic and this versatile seasoning with no heat is perfect for everything cooked indoors on your stove, oven, crock pot, or air fryer, or outdoors on the grill, or smoker.

Don’t just cook your food, craft it to become irresistible with our handmade proprietary blend that’s great on beef, pork, lamb, shrimp, fish, venison, turkey, casseroles, popcorn and vegetables.

There’s no MSG, and at 100 mg sodium/serving, this seasoning is low salt. Our slogan: “If It Didn’t Exist In 1850, It Ain’t In here” means that everything in every Miners Mix product is made from only natural ingredients with nothing man-made.

Size: 6 oz plastic shaker

Amazing on: Beef, pork, lamb, shrimp, fish, venison, turkey, veggies, popcorn, asparagus, grilled mushrooms, zucchini  & more

Ingredients: Garlic, Cane Sugar, Salt, Spices, Rice Fiber, Canola Oil

Vendor: Miners Mix (Mariposa, home of California’s Yosemite National Park)

Featured Recipes: