Remy's Competition Rub by Brocmar Smokehouse (2.5 oz)


About: Remy's Competition Rub by Brocmar Smokehouse is their competition BBQ seasoning that hits all the flavors of great BBQ. This rub has the notes of mesquite, sweet, salt, pepper, garlic and heat from its unique blend of pepper and spice. Guaranteed to hit all your taste buds and provide that you with the award winning flavor.

Brocmar Smokehouse homemade recipes were born on a small town farm in the rural south, to create the perfect BBQ experience, using premium ingredients to elevate your food in which you can taste the difference that may just have you talking with a lil twang.

Try it on: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Veggies, Wild Game, Potato chips and Fries

Gluten Free, No MSG Made in the US

Size: 2.5 oz plastic shaker